Deandra Kanu cozies up with Rodney Mathews

Deandra Kanu
Deandra Kanu and Rodney Mathews pose for a photo. Pic credit: @deandrakanu/Instagram

Rodney Mathews recently linked up with several Bachelor Nation stars for his The Bachelorette Season 18 costar Nayte Olukoya’s birthday, with stars such as model Leroy Arthur in attendance. 

Bachelor Nation’s Deandra Kanu was also out with the boys as she and Rodney posed for photos. 

Rodney and Deandra’s friends noted how good they looked together, and Bachelor Nation fans appeared to agree. 

Deandra Kanu and Rodney Mathews link up over the weekend 

Rodney Mathews and Deandra Kanu showed up to celebrate Nayte Olukoya during his birthday weekend. 

Deandra took to her Instagram stories to share videos from the event, including a clip of her and Rodney wrapping their arms around one another for a photo. 

In the clip, Deandra wore her long blonde box braids and showed off her toned midriff in a brown crop top and light pants. 

Deandra smiled and leaned into Rodney for the photo as he placed an arm around her in his tee and shorts. 

A friend nearby can be heard hyping up Rodney and Deandra as he exclaims how good they look together. The original poster also wrote over the photo, “Why brother @rodneymathews02 look so good!” 

Deandra Kanu's Instagram story
Pic credit: @deandrakanu/Instagram

Fans speculate about potential Nayte Olukoya and Deandra Kanu romance

While some felt Rodney and Deandra would make a cute couple, others suspect that Deandra is potentially exploring a romance with Nayte Olukoya. 

As Monsters and Critics reported, fans have been compiling alleged evidence to support the Deandra and Nayte dating rumors. 

Hawk-eyed fans noticed that Deandra was wearing a necklace similar to Nayte’s, while others noted that Deandra appeared to be the only Bachelor Nation woman in attendance for Nayte’s birthday. 

One fan went so far as to write out a whole timeline detailing Deandra and Nayte’s interactions in relation to Nate’s breakup with The Bachelorette Season 18 lead Michelle Young. 

Some of the bullet points on the list included acknowledging that Deandra had expressed interest in Nayte when Michelle’s season was airing. Deandra also recently liked one of Nayte’s ‘thirst trap’ posts. 

Regarding Deandra and Rodney, the fan wrote at the time, “Edit: No Deandra and Rodney do not follow each other yet. Rodney literally follows everyone he interacts with. I mean everyone. This is speculation now but they most likely just met online or in person today.” 

Time will tell if more substantial news develops regarding the Deandra and Nayte rumors. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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