Deadliest Catch coming back with Johnathan Hillstrand in USA versus Russia twist

Deadliest Catch is coming back mid-April and the stakes are now international. Pic credit: Discovery

It’s USA against Russia in the war for crustaceans in the Bering Sea this season on the Deadliest Catch.

The series will be back in mid-April while promising a whole new level of conflict, not just between our commercial fisherman but against that other superpower.

What to expect on Deadliest Catch

The Alaskan crab fleet that includes fan favorites like Wild Bill, Keith Colburn, and Sig Hansen, will face off against their biggest rival in a jam-packed, two-hour premiere.

The 16th season has been described as “cut-throat” and “dangerous” as new partnerships form and former captains return (Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand?). Plus, a killer classic Bering sea winter storm will pound the crabbers.

The captains, who will venture to uncharted territory, include one veteran who actually went to Russia.

This season, the multiple Emmy Award-winning series will address how the Russians are making an unprecedented move by revamping their crab quota system. They are also clamping down on illegal fishing while helping the price of King Crab to skyrocket.

So, the quicker the captains fill their holds with crab and return to the dock, the more money they can make. That means tensions are bound to hit peak levels.

Discovery says:

“Everyone is vying for an edge – luring back some of the fleet’s most legendary faces. But just how hard can they push before things get deadly?

The Deadliest Catch Players

It is shakeup time for Captain Jake Anderson of The Saga.

Jake calls in Time Bandit Skipper Johnathan Hillstrand, lured out of retirement in hopes of replenishing his checking account.

Captain Scott Campbell Jr. also returns with the hope for a mega payday. However, his life-threatening back injuries may prevent him from hitting his financial goals.

Northwestern Captain Sig Hansen also has big plans for a first-place finish. This year, he has a jump start with his 24-year-old daughter Mandy at the helm for the first solo trip of her young career before her dad joins up with her.

So will Sig’s strategy with Mandy stand up to the pressure? Will they be a great team? Or will all of them devolve into a classic and case of unhappily mixing business with family?

Wild Bill Wichrowski is also back on the Summer Bay. This season, Wild Bill wants to take advantage of the squeeze from the Russian quota system. The quicker to market, the higher the dollar. Bill has a huge problem, though. He is down to two crew members after firing the others just hours before the season launch.  Will the newly hired hands kneecap his efforts before the race even starts?

Cornelia Marie sees the reteaming of Josh Harris and Casey McManus, who plowed a fortune into the old crabber hoping the new and improved Cornelia will help these guys beat the Russian and American competition to the dock.

This season, the Cornelia welcomes a female deckhand on board. Her name is Maria, and she is a 25-year-old Alaskan native who has spent most of her life working on boats. She surprises them all.

Then there is Captain Steve “Harley” Davidson of the Southern Wind. He is back and so are his two biggest nemeses, Wizard Captains Keith and Monty Colburn.

Meanwhile, an epic storm and new grounds may change the outlook for them and everyone else, too.

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesday, beginning April 14 at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery

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