David Woolley shares his impression of Kody Brown after watching him on Sister Wives

david woolley kody brown part 4 sister wives season 18 tell all
David has watched Kody on Sister Wives and shared what he thinks of him. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown’s husband, David Woolley, got real about how he feels about her ex-husband, Kody Brown.

It’s a question Sister Wives viewers have been waiting for since Christine introduced us to David: What does he think of her former spouse?

During Part 4 of the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All, One on One, viewers finally got to meet David on TV.

The 59-year-old father of eight joined his then-fiancee, Christine, on stage during her segment with host Sukanya “Suki” Krishnan.

After getting to know David a little bit, Suki began to dig deeper and asked a question that has been on our minds for months.

“When you see him on the show, what was your impression of Kody? And now that you’ve met Christine, what’s your impression of Kody?” Suki asked him.

David Woolley spills the tea during the Sister Wives Season 18 Tell All

David wasted no time answering the question and put it all on the table.

“He wears his emotions on his on his sleeve a lot. Sometimes you got to not,” David said of Kody.

“But that’s him, and that’s who he is,” David continued. “Would I be like that? No. You know, it’s just he… he wants you to hear him.”

Suki informed Kody during their sit-down that after meeting David, he had nothing bad to say about Kody’s character.

Kody was relieved to hear the news and replied, “Good, good, good, good. That’s awesome.”

Suki continued to question David about Kody later in the segment, asking Christine’s new groom whether he had any empathy for Kody trying to juggle his mega-sized family amid all of the turmoil in his marriages.

David admitted that it can get overwhelming in such a role, but seemingly took a shot at Kody when he added, “But like I, like I said with me, with dating women, my kids came first.”

What David didn’t have an answer for, however, was why he thought Christine and Kody’s marriage came to a head.

“That’s a good question,” David responded. “I really don’t know because I don’t know that part.”

David will be making more appearances on TLC now that he and Christine are a couple

Christine previously dished that David was “so nervous” to appear in front of TLC’s cameras for the first time during the Tell All.

But, it’s likely he’ll become accustomed to being filmed for reality television because, as Monsters and Critics reported, David will appear in some upcoming Sister Wives spinoffs.

Most notably, David and Christine’s wedding day is being featured in its own two-part special, which premieres on Sunday, January 7, at 10/9, with Part 2 airing on Sunday, January 14, at 10/9c on TLC.

Part 1 of Sister Wives: Talk Back premieres on Friday, December 22, at 9/8c on TLC.

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