David Spade slid into Tammy Ly’s DMs to troll her about Dave Chappelle flub

Tammy Ly looks into the camera
Bachelor in Paradise host David Spade teased Tammy Ly in her DMs. Pic credit: ABC

Tammy Ly made a humorous gaffe with brand new BIP host David Spade during the Bachelor in Paradise premiere.

Tammy recently revealed that David Spade didn’t let her notable flub slide and instead slid in her DMs to poke fun at Tammy’s mistake lightheartedly. 

Tammy Ly mixes up two comedy legends 

A signature part of Bachelor in Paradise is seeing new contestants walk down a set of tropical stairs to be greeted by the host before joining the rest of the cast on the beach. 

With Chris Harrison no longer a part of The Bachelor franchise, the Bachelor in Paradise contestants were greeted for the first time by one of Harrison’s BIP replacement hosts, David Spade…or Dave Chappelle if you ask Tammy. 

During the premiere, Tammy Ly, from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, chatted with David Spade before entering paradise, and she called him “Dave.” David Spade cheekily responded by saying, “It’s Dave now?” 

Tammy tried to play it off at the moment. Still, in her confessional, it became clear that she didn’t think Dave was just a nickname for David, but rather that she thought David Spade was the entirely different comedic icon, Dave Chappelle. Tammy expressed how exciting it was to have Dave Chappelle on the show but then slowly realized that name didn’t sound right and had to question who exactly David Spade was. 

David Spade jokes he’s a different iconic “Dave” 

Bachelor Nation made tons of jokes about Tammy’s blunder and found it funny that she mixed up two comedic superstars who are so different from one another, especially in their contrasting appearances. 

David Spade got in on the trolling when he sent Tammy a direct message that read, “Its me Dave! (Letterman),” making a joke about him being yet another mega-famous comedian named Dave. 


david. please. ?✋? I have no words. #bachelorinparadise

♬ deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo

Tammy showcased the DM on social media alongside her caption, “David. Please. I have no words,”  which included a laughing emoji and her speechless reaction. 

Both Tammy Ly and David Spade are taking this amusing mishap in stride, and, in true comedian fashion, David Spade clearly found the humor in the situation. 

Now that the BIP premiere has squared away the initial introductions, it looks like the season will start to heat up with both passion and conflict. Hopefully, David Spade can continue to bring comedy to paradise. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC. 

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