David Ravitz on Bachelor in Paradise: Will chicken man find love?

David Ravitz
David Ravitz may not be happy to know that Jordan is in paradise — Pic credit: ABC

David Ravitz really wanted to make an impression on Becca Kufrin on this season of The Bachelorette, but unfortunately, a male model got between them. For some reason, David simply couldn’t get Jordan Kimball out of his head, as he tried to focused on Becca.

During a two-on-one date, David and Jordan got into a huge fight and Becca kept rolling her eyes. She told them that she felt she was back in grade school, and she wanted a more mature man.

She left David in the desert and took Jordan out for dinner. But before the night was over, she had sent him packing as well.

So, what can you expect from David Ravitz on this season of Bachelor In Paradise? Well, surprisingly, it’s possible that he and Jordan actually become friends.

Based on an Instagram post that he shared recently, he reveals that he and Jordan could be getting along while in Mexico. Wouldn’t that be something? Perhaps it’s because they aren’t fighting for the same woman anymore.

David Ravitz appears to be a down-to-earth guy, who simply likes the finer things in life. He appears to be a big football fan, as he has several photos of himself at a game.

Plus, it seems that Blake could be his favorite football buddy. Yes, he appears to be friends with the man, who lost out during last night’s Bachelorette finale.

David Ravitz may have some requirements for his future lady. As it turns out, David likes to play golf and he has a few photos of him playing the game on Instagram.

If he does fall in love with a lady in Mexico, one can imagine that she will need a few lessons so they can tee off on the weekends together.

One can hope that David doesn’t show up in a chicken costume to win the ladies’ hearts. It didn’t work with Becca and surely, it would be too hot for him to wear it in Mexico.

What do you think about David Ravitz heading to Bachelor In Paradise at the same time as Jordan?

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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