David Pascoe opens up about mental health struggles, reminds Below Deck Med fans we’re ‘only human’

David Pascoe from Below Deck Mediterranean shares his mental health battle.
David continues to promote positivity amid all the Below Deck Mediterranean craziness. Pic credit: Bravo

David Pascoe has opened up about his mental health struggles and reminded Below Deck Mediterranean fans that we are all only human.

Throughout Season 6 of Below Deck Med, David has promoted positivity and kindness. David shuts down hate on and off-screen. A recent social media feud with Delaney Evans featured David fiercely defending the Lady Michelle crew members close to him.

On the hit Bravo show David recently mentioned a dark time in his life. The episode showed a few moments of a much larger story, which the deckhand is now telling himself.

Below Deck Med’s David Pasco opens up about mental health

David used Instagram to shine a light on a stigmatized topic. He referred to mental health and depression as the “silent killer.” The deckhand declared the subject needs to be not only understood but discussed too.

In a brutally honest post, David recalled going on anti-depressants at a doctor’s recommendation. What followed next was him slipping further into the darkness with frequent lapses of time.

The pain got so bad, David was overcome with the feeling of just needing to sleep for days, even weeks. David worked up in a hospital, which was shown on Below Deck Med.

“I took everything I had. The rest as you’ve see was me waking up in the hospital bed, feeling as though a freight train had driven through my body and mind,” David wrote.

When he arrived home, David spent three more days in and out of sleep. David felt a sense of emptiness and darkness that he described as “rock bottom.”

The deckhand returned to the doctor and refused to take any more medication. Instead, David endured a long self-healing process that wasn’t easy, as the feeling of helplessness and darkness would take over.

It’s been years since David was plagued with that darkness, but he still struggles with his mental health daily. Although he’s in a happy place now, the reason David is retelling his story is to bring awareness and help others that are suffering.

David reminds Below Deck Med fans we are all human

The Instagram message included David everyone is human and needs help at times. Those are words David lives by.

One Below Deck Mediterranean David defended Lexi Wilson, who wasn’t there when chef Mathew Shea called her a horrible person. David used Instagram Stories to reiterate the narrative we are all human.

“Some see it as weakness, others see it as strength. I’ve had my battle, been in the dark places, learnt my lessons, and try to be the best I can. Even after everything that has happened, I tried to keep neutrally because we are, after all, only human,” he shared.

David shares message about kidness.
Pic credit: @davidpascoe91/Instagram

David Pascoe’s raw story about mental health is one he will continue to tell.

The Below Deck Mediterranean Season reunion show is just around the corner. There is no question host Andy Cohen will bring up David’s heartbreaking story, which the deckhand was so brave to share.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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