David Pascoe and Zee Dempers react to their striptease on Below Deck Med

Mzi "Zee" Dempers and David Pascoe dish stripping on Below Deck Med.
David and Zee went all out to make sure a ladies-only charter wasn’t ruined by bad weather. Pic credit: Bravo

David Pascoe and Mzi “Zee” Dempers have reacted to their striptease on Below Deck Mediterranean.

The two deckhands went all out to help create a fun environment for an all-female charter. Thanks to some horrible weather, the crew needed to find a way to entertain the guests with an inside activity.

Stew Courtney Veale suggested that male deck crew members dress up in the fireman outfits and do a little dance for the ladies. The idea came about because David got a lap dance from one of the guests the night before.

There is no question that the group of ladies were fun and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Plus, all eight of them appreciated the male crew members for sure.

What did David Pascoe and Zee Dempers say about their Below Deck Mediterranean striptease?

Zee and David reflected on their infamous dance on the Below Deck Med Season 6 After Show, which they both took all in stride.

“Oh, those fireman suits. Nightmares, still nightmares,” Zee remarked.

David commented, “awkward, so awkward, and I think the worst thing about it is I haven’t really thought about it up until now.”

The topic quickly turned to Zee’s performance, who, as viewers know, was pretty awesome. David expressed that he will never forget the striptease Zee did because it was “so intense.”

Zee, for his part, happily admitted he went “full Magic Mike” for the dance.

“I was just looking them in the eye and making eye contact. And I just, a whole other person came over me,” Zee said.

David and Zee striptease appreciation photo.
Pic credit: @zeedempers/Instagram

They each agreed that they went all out for the guests. Zee declared it worked because the ladies enjoyed themselves.

What did the rest of the crew say about Zee and David’s striptease?

Along with Courtney, Lloyd Spencer and bosun Malia White proudly talked about the unforgettable striptease.

Lloyd wasn’t involved in the striptease, which was perfectly fine with him. The deckhand did give his buds David and Zee props for putting on a great show.

“It was really funny, and it was great entertainment for the afternoon. The girls definitely loved it and appreciated it for sure,” Courtney exclaimed.

Malia White charter guest shout out.
Pic credit: @maliakpwhite/Instagram

Malia was thrilled that Zee and David took one for the team. However, she got protective when the guests started to get frisky with the guys during beer pong.

“I had to shut it down before it got too Chippendales. The charter guests started getting a little too frisky, and I was like, alright, I need to save my deck crew. I was like sorry, guys, they need to like go change. Their dancers, not prostitutes,” Malia shared.

Oh, what fun it was to watch Zee Dempers and David Pascoe do a little dance for the charter guests.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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