David Eason reportedly calls 911 on Barbara over Ensley being locked in a room

David Eason
David Eason called 911 to get help after Ensley reportedly got locked in a room by Jenelle Evans’ mom Barbara. Pic credit: MTV

David Eason is ready to get his children back home and he’s going to court whenever there’s a hearing to see what he needs to do to regain full custody.

While his former mother-in-law reportedly took over temporary custody of his daughter Maryssa, Jenelle’s mom Barbara has custody over the couple’s daughter Ensley at the moment, so the little girl can stay with her big brother Jace.

As the custody battle rages on, more details are now surfacing about what is happening behind closed doors.

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TMZ reports that David made a 911 call and claimed that Barbara had locked Ensley in a bedroom and couldn’t get the door opened. He wasn’t at Barbara’s house when this allegedly occurred, but TMZ explains that he learned the news from Jace.

Barbara is being accused of locking Ensley in a bedroom so she could take a shower. She was then reportedly unable to open the door after she finished.

David Eason reportedly also asked the 911 dispatcher to get Child Protective Services involved, but the dispatcher explained that David would need to do that himself and that they couldn’t help him with the request.

At this point, it’s uncertain what he ended up doing. TMZ also doesn’t report when this phone call happened. It’s possible it happened recently while Ensley and Jace were in the legal care of Barbara, but it could also have been at an earlier time where Barbara was the babysitter for the kids.

As for Ensley, she was said to have eventually been able to get out of the room with Barbara’s help.

This isn’t the first time that 911 has been called to Barbara’s house. Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle reportedly asked 911 to do a welfare check on her kids after calling her mom and hearing arguing in the background. When she tried to get her mother on the phone, Barbara allegedly wouldn’t answer again.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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