David Eason brings gun to court: Jenelle Evans’ rep clarifies North Carolina gun laws in his defense

David Eason gun
David Eason brought a gun to court during his custody battle. Pic credit: @easondavid88/Instagram

David Eason took a gun to court when he and Jenelle Evans attended a hearing to see if they could get back custody of their children. The kids were taken away by CPS after David was accused of shooting and killing Jenelle’s dog, Nugget.

After arriving at the court in North Carolina last Thursday, David placed a gun on the dashboard of his truck. A photo was shared on Twitter, clearly showing the weapon through the windscreen.

As it turns out, David was simply following what the law requires, by displaying the gun in plain sight.

“In the state of North Carolina, if you aren’t a felon you can have a gun with no permit,” a statement from Jenelle’s rep reads. “The gun has to be in ‘plain sight’ if you do not have a concealed carry permit. This is so when the cops pull you over or you’re out in public you cannot even have your shirt over the holster or you will be charged with a felony.”

However, the appearance of the gun proved controversial with Teen Mom 2 fans, with some questioning whether it was the best decision to bring a gun to court, given he had lost custody of the kids because he shot a dog.

Jenelle hasn’t said much publicly about the latest developments in the case, instead working with her lawyer to try and get back custody of her children.

Jace currently lives with Barbara full-time, and she’s said to be keeping him away from his mother. Kaiser was removed from daycare over a week ago without Jenelle’s permission, and CPS removed Maryssa and Ensley from the home days later.

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