David Dangerfield puts 90 Day Fiance castmate Jasmine Pineda on blast: ‘Stop crying and don’t be a fool’

david dangerfield jasmine pineda confessionals
David called out Jasmine on social media. Pic credit: TLC

If you ask David Dangerfield, his 90 Day Fiance castmate, Jasmine Pineda, is a drama queen.

David and his fiancee, Sheila Mangubat, debuted their international love story during Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days alongside Jasmine and her now-husband, Gino Palazzolo.

Since then, Jasmine has reappeared on yet another 90 Day Fiance spinoff, Season 8 of Happily Ever After? and continues to share her personal life with her followers on social media.

In her latest upload on Instagram, Jasmine proved that she even considers herself a drama queen when she recorded herself crying.

As the Panamanian native shed tears in her Instagram Reel, text over her video revealed that she found an “I love you under his profile photo from an ex-girlfriend in 2012.”

Jasmine was apparently referring to her husband, Gino, in the recording, and in the caption of the Reel, she insinuated that she couldn’t handle any more friction in their marriage.

Jasmine Pineda cries and claims she’s ‘done’ with Gino Palazzolo

The reality TV personality set her video to the song Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith, and in the caption, she referred to herself as a “drama queen,” leading her followers to wonder whether the video was satire or a serious post. 

She wrote, “I’m done 😆 Follow me in TikTok as Jasminepanama22 🥰  I love you all, Jazzy #90dayfiance #dramaqueen👑.”

Jasmine’s upload was met with an abundance of eye-rolls from followers in the comments section who felt that she was being overly dramatic over nothing.

Jasmine’s 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days castmate David Dangerfield calls her out

Among those critics was Jasmine’s former castmate, David Dangerfield.

David headed to the comments section to share his two cents and lambasted Jasmine for crying unnecessarily and making a “fool” of herself on television.

“What the. F**k but I know he love ❤️ u a lots please stop cry too much and not only tv shows. I really know he really care u a lot care of u,” David’s comment began.

david dangerfield comments on jasmine pineda's instagram video
David threw some shade at his castmate, Jasmine. Pic credit: @david.dangerfield1/Instagram

“I hope 🤞 my love of Sheila with me all my life I hope 🤞 visa will be approved we will be good life,” he continued.

“Please don’t be fool of tv show for real life I want to be u and ur husband good life 😇,” David concluded.

Jasmine responds to comments that she’s overly dramatic

It seems that Jasmine isn’t bothered by the backlash she’s received online for losing control of her emotions — in fact, she’s mocking her haters.

Over on TikTok, Jasmine responded to some critics who put her on blast for crying so much and appearing to be emotionally unstable.

In one video, Jasmine lip-synced a line from Euphoria, emulating the character Cassie as a comment from a critic appeared over her recording.

“Is there a day you don’t cry?” the 90 Day Fiance viewer asked Jasmine. “Enough already…. People are tired of your drama… mama…”

In response, Jasmine mouthed, “I am crazier! … It is something you should be scared of.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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2 months ago

She is crazy!!! She’s stupid to act out the way she does, alot of it is just a stupid act for attention, she really should go back to Panama, if she really wanted her kids with her, she would of made sure it was all set up before she came here, and did the kids live with her or their dad’s? Are the dads going to let them go to USA? I JUST HOPE TLC, WILL CUT HERE OFF THEIR SHOWS !!!!! ITS VERY ANNOYING ALL HER CRYING AND SCREAMING, I MUTE THE TV DURING HER TIME, BUT ABOUT READY TO STOP WATCHING ANY SHOW WITH HER ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyce Schauer
Joyce Schauer
2 months ago

I’m with you Teresa!! I’m sick of her being so dramatic, I say it’s all an act to stay on Tv. Can’t TLC see that??? Omg, makes sick! Mute the Tv! I’m done watching her!!🤮🤮

2 months ago

I’m happy to see your comments Teresa & Joyce. I also mute Jasmine as I have no interest in her storyline. I get it that none of the couples are actors, storylines are for ratings and far from the truth but come on TLC there are decent couples that are controversial to keep season after season. Why do you insist on continuing with the most irritating? Much better choices than Jasmine, the Ever Afters Angela & Natalie!

2 months ago

Jasmine is so immature. She loves herself and no one else. She needs to go back to Dane. GINO is a fool !!!!!