David Dangerfield explains to 90 Day Fiance fans why he ‘can’t do’ a GoFundMe to repair Sheila’s home

Sheila and David confessionals
Sheila’s home in the Philippines needs extensive repair work but David says he’s unable to help. Pic credit: Discovery+

This season on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, viewers got a close look at Sheila Mangubat’s living conditions in an impoverished area of the Philippines.

Sheila and her American love interest, David Dangerfield, joined the cast this season of Before the 90 Days and instantly captured viewers’ hearts.

Both David and Sheila are deaf, and their hearing impairments led to their international love story.

As soon as 42-year-old David arrived in the Philippines to meet 31-year-old Sheila in person for the first time, the couple was hit with some devastating blows.

David learned just how dilapidated Sheila’s family home was, and Sheila’s mom passed away the morning after being introduced to David.

Once the dust settled from Sheila’s mom’s funeral, she and David hired a contractor to give them an estimate to repair the damage to her dilapidated home.

David explains why setting up a GoFundMe to repair Sheila’s home is out of the question

While many viewers felt the contractor’s $1,700 estimate was a fair price for the amount of work that needed to be done, David has voiced that it’s a bit too expensive for him.

Taking to Instagram this week, David shared a post including a black-and-white photo of himself and Sheila along with a caption explaining that he’s been inundated with questions about funding Sheila’s home repairs.

“Hello fans people,” David began his caption. “I know that lots people ask me about gofindme.and sorry I can’t do that because I can’t afford pay tax or irs . And can’t send money to house for sale .”

“Yes I still send to money support Sheila and Sheila family too,” the Nebraska resident continued. “And please wait see on tv 📺 show of end episode or season thank you 🙏.”

David cited IRS costs as another reason he can’t fund Sheila’s home repairs

In the comments section, an Instagram user asked David why he can’t do the GoFundMe.

david dangerfield explains to an instagram user why he can't fund sheila's home repairs
Pic credit: @david.dangerfield1/Instagram

“Go fine me can’t send to sale of house money in Cebu City Philippines 🇵🇭 and too much cost irs,” he wrote.

Sadly, Sheila’s mom lost her life due to falling on the unsafe stairway in their family’s home. Her mother’s death urged Sheila to repair the home ASAP.

David works two jobs to bring in an income but admitted during a confessional that he’s “not a rich person” but would be “more than happy to help Sheila because I love her.”

During a visit to a local sports bar, David signed to Sheila, “I am not rich. That’s why I work two jobs, and it’s still hard.”

Sheila questioned her and David’s future on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

For her part, Sheila revealed that she lost her job during the coronavirus pandemic and has been unable to secure employment since.

“I [had] a job before the pandemic, but it’s very hard for me to find work right now,” Sheila confessed. “I feel embarrassed, but I don’t have anyone in my family that can help me financially.”

Despite their financial issues, David and Sheila made it clear that they would work together to find a solution so that Sheila and her family can live safely in their home.

Sheila also expressed that she’s not after David’s money but has voiced concerns about their future since he doesn’t have enough money to support her in general.

There are still plenty of details to unveil in David and Sheila’s love story this season, so as David told his followers in his Instagram post, we’ll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Season 6 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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