David and Annie Toborowsky promote their new passion project, reflect on 90 Day Fiance journey

David and Annie Toborowsky of 90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance fan-favorites David and Annie Toborowsky teased an exciting new project in the works. Pic credit: TLC

David and Annie Toborowsky, one of 90 Day Fiance’s fan-favorite couples, opened up about a new project they have in the works and reflected on their time on the show.

90 Day Fans have watched David and Annie’s humble beginnings — living in an abandoned firehouse and a storage unit — to now living in their own home and making their own money rather than borrowing it from David’s friend, Chris.

Viewers were first introduced to David and Annie during Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance when David met Annie in her native country of Thailand while he was there trying to sort out his life after a rough few years.

Given their vastly different cultural upbringings, their 24-year age difference, and money and family problems, they’ve overcome the odds and continue to improve their relationship.

90 Day Fiance fan-favorites David and Annie Toborowsky are ‘grateful’ for their experience on the show

In a recent interview with In Touch, the couple revealed, “When we started this journey, we never expected any of this to happen.”

“We are so humbled by all the fans who have supported us throughout this crazy journey and want to see our lives,” they added.

The couple, who celebrated four years of marriage this year, don’t let the fame of being on a popular TV show get to their heads, however.

“We think of ourselves as everyday people who just happen to be on TV,” the couple revealed. “We couldn’t be more grateful for this amazing opportunity!”

Now that David and Annie have overcome their financial struggles and proved to audiences and family members that their love is the real deal, they’re ready to combine their talents and embark on a new business venture called Cooking with DNA.

David and Annie Toborowsky launch Thai flavor-infused cooking oil

David tells In Touch, “Annie and I have been teaching cooking lessons and wondered how can we kick this up a notch.”

He revealed that they decided to offer a Thai flavor-infused cooking oil, adding, “Then, we thought a great way to amp up any dish would be to make a high-temperature cooking oil, like avocado oil, that infuses the flavors of Thai cuisine.”

David continued to explain the premise behind his and Annie’s cooking oil business, “We also wanted to infuse them with flavors that aren’t available all year-round.”

“Even as we travel around the world and try new cuisines, we sometimes think, ‘This would be even better with some Thai spicy flavor,'” David added.

To add some fun to the interview, In Touch asked David and Annie which couple from the 90 Day Fiance franchise they would invite to have dinner with them.

David and Annie didn’t discriminate and said that all of the couples from 90 Day Fiance would be welcome to enjoy a meal with them, despite any beef they might have had in the past.

“Everyone in our 90 Day cast,” the couple answered. “We always wish them the best and the best way to put aside our differences is by breaking bread.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.