Darcey & Stacey spoilers: Georgi Rusev denies claim he called Darcey and Stacey ‘American trash’

Georgi Rusev denies claim that he called Darcey and Stacey Silva American trash
Georgi Rusev denies calling Darcey Silva “American trash.” Pic credit: TLC

Georgi Rusev is refuting claims that he called fiancee Darcey Silva and her sister Stacey “American trash” Darcey is choosing to believe her soon-to-be husband after hearing the rumor from two of her friends also heard it from a third party.

This has added even more fuel to the fire as the couple has been going through their share of issues since becoming engaged. Darcey visited Georgi’s old stomping grounds in a previous episode to learn more about him, but things took a downward turn.

Darcey even met up with Georgi’s ex-wife, and the information she revealed didn’t do much to calm her doubts about Georgi. By the time the couple was ready to return home, Darcey had made it clear that she was making the trip back to Connecticut without him.

Georgi Rusev denies calling the twins ‘American trash’

In a clip for tonight’s episode, Darcey and Georgi try to get their relationship back on track after a rough couple of weeks. It seems Darcey is doing that by putting everything behind her, including the recent allegations made by Georgi’s ex-wife, among other things.

“After Christmas, Georgi and I talked about what his ex-wife Octavia said about her thinking they weren’t divorced,” said Darcey. “And you know this American trash comment about us and him saying you know ‘when the money’s gone I’m gone.’ Georgi told me he never said that.”

She continued, “I just had to believe that Georgi was telling the truth. I just have to let that go for now If I want to continue this relationship.”

Darcey Silva wants to hash it out with Georgi Rusev

In the clip, Darcey and Georgi enjoyed a day working out on the beach, and the “American trash” comment was brought up once again.

The couple, along with Darcey’s friends and her sister Stacey are about the head off to Turkey, where Darcey plans to undergo surgery. The mom-of-two wants to have dinner and hash things out between them and Georgi before leaving for the trip.

“Don’t forget about dinner tonight with Debbie and Reina and Stacey and Florian, so I think we can all hash it out,” commented Darcey.

‘There’s nothing to hash out. I don’t call nobody American trash,” responded Georgi.

Later in her confessional, Darcey explained why she planned for Georgi to meet up with her family and friends before the trip.

“I planned this dinner tonight with everyone to discuss what happened and to see how we can move forward,” said Darcey. “Debbie, Reina, and Stacey do have concerns about Georgi. You know they’re still upset that Georgi called us American trash.”

“I don’t like the tension in the air between me, my friends, my fiance. Let’s just hope everything goes well,” added the TLC star.

Check out the sneak peek below.

Darcey & Stacey airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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