Darcey & Stacey recap: Tears and Tantrums

Darcey, Stacey, and Georgi
Stacey tried to focus on the positives in the future while Darcey was wallowing in heartache over Georgi. Pic credit: TLC

Darcey got herself all riled up several times on the latest episode of Darcey & Stacey as her relationship with Georgi came under fire from multiple fronts. Internal and external forces pushed Darcey over the edge and her relationship with Georgi is now up in the air.

Meanwhile, Stacey and Florian were concentrating on their future and trying to have a baby together.

Darcey Silva lost it this episode over Georgi Rusev’s supposed lies and emotional unavailability

Darcey decided to leave Georgi in Washington DC and told him to find his own way to Connecticut when he was ready to prove his love for her. Darcey’s trigger for the extreme action was her unhappiness with Georgi’s emotional intelligence and what she perceived as a lack of interest.

Her fears about Georgi were further exacerbated by the news from her friends Debbie and Reina that Georgi called all of them American trash to a third party and that he also told that person he would be gone when Darcey’s money runs out. Darcey had her third total meltdown of the episode from this news.

Darcey talked to her teenage daughters Aniko and Aspen about not allowing themselves to settle when she talked to them about Georgi staying behind in DC. The girls said that they are tired of Darcey and Georgi’s relationship because they can never seem to figure it out and be happy.

Stacey tried to cheer Darcey up with a medspa day and Darcey told Stacey she booked their trip to Turkey to get plastic surgery.

Darcey lost it when she heard the news that Georgi was talking badly about her behind her back. Pic credit: TLC

Stacey Silva and Florian Sukaj started to learn about their options to have a baby

46-year-old Stacey and 29-year-old Florian went to the fertility clinic to get some preliminary questions answered about the steps they need to take to conceive.

While Florian wants to have a baby naturally the doctor told them the odds of that are very slim. He gave them the option to freeze Stacey’s eggs for fertilization at a later date or to do IVF with a more aggressive timeline.

While Stacey said she prefers to freeze the eggs and find the perfect time, the doctor said they first need to run tests to see if any of the options are possible.

New episodes of Darcey & Stacey air on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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