Darcey Silva’s daughter gets lip filler with her mom and Stacey Silva — See the results

Aniko Bollok Darcey & Stacey confessional
Aniko got lip fillers alongside her mom Darcey and her aunt Stacey. Pic credit: Discovery+

Following in mom’s footsteps? Darcey Silva’s teenage daughter joined the TLC star to get lip filler injections, and 90 Day Fiance fans have plenty to say about it.

After being urged by fans not to morph into her mom’s mini-me and begin altering her appearance, Darcey’s eldest daughter, 18-year-old Aniko, has gone under the needle.

In an Instagram Story share this week, Darcey uploaded a video of herself, her twin sister Stacey Silva, and Aniko after the trio visited a Miami beauty bar to have their lips injected.

Clad in a black tank top and wearing black sunglasses, Aniko stood between her aunt and her mom as she told Darcey’s followers, “We all just got done doing our lips, and we all love it!”

“Thank you, AFL Beauty Bar, so much. We love you,” Aniko added, blowing a kiss to the camera.

Darcey and Stacey chimed in, adding, “We love you!”

Darcey winked at her fans, telling them to “call” her, while Stacey blew a kiss in the video.

Upon watching the footage, 90 Day Fiance viewers were in disbelief that Darcey’s teenage daughter was joining her mom for fillers.

Critics are in shock over Aniko Bollok’s lip injections

“Sad that this young lady thinks she needs bigger lips,” wrote one critic. “Hopefully, she won’t [do] what her mom and Aunt have done to their faces and bodies.”

Another Instagram user begged Darcey, “Nooooo don’t [do] that to your daughter.”

critics bash darcey silva and her twin and daughter for getting lip fillers on instagram
90 Day Fiance viewers are appalled that Aniko is going down the same road as her mom and altering her appearance. Pic credit: @kimmy_robinson_66/Instagram

Another critic expressed, “Way [too] much surgery ladies..come on,” with another voicing that the amount of comments disagreeing with Aniko getting fillers “says a lot.”

“Is there a stopping point for all of this??” asked another cynic.

Did Darcey Silva Photoshop a recent pic of Aniko, or was it the result of cosmetic alterations?

Aniko’s lip-filler appointment comes on the heels of a recent post shared by Darcey, which many felt the Darcey & Stacey star filtered to “turn Aniko into herself.”

Now, Darcey’s critics might be giving that a second thought — did Darcey Photoshop the pic of Aniko, or was the pic a result of cosmetic work?

In the photo, seen in Darcey’s post below, Aniko posed on the red carpet during a Miami Swim Week event.

Some of Darcey’s followers headed over to Aniko’s Instagram page to compare her photos with her mom’s, and many were convinced that Aniko’s appearance looked much different in her own pics, as seen below.

Darcey looks completely different compared to her 90 Day Fiance debut

This is the first time Aniko has admitted to having any work done to her face, unlike her mom, who has been open about the extensive surgeries and procedures she’s had done.

Darcey has had breast augmentations, fox eye lifts, Botox injections, filler, cheek lifts, buccal fat removal, liposuction, and more, drastically changing her face and body and becoming nearly unrecognizable since she was first introduced to 90 Day Fiance audiences in 2017.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus.

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