Darcey Silva undergoes another weight-loss procedure — Watch her target her ‘problem areas’

Darcey Stacey confessional Season 4
Darcey is on a mission to be as thin as possible. Pic credit: Discovery+

Another day, another cosmetic procedure for TLC star Darcey Silva.

Darcey is on a seemingly unending journey to look as snatched as possible.

The 48-year-old reality TV star has already had a bevy of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures to alter her appearance, but she isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Although she and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, recently underwent endoscopic sleeve gastroplasties (ESGs) to drop unwanted pounds, Darcey is still unhappy with her appearance.

Darcey uploaded some videos of herself during a recent visit to Deluxe Medspa Beauty in downtown Miami to have yet another weight-loss procedure performed.

This time, Darcey got fat-dissolving injections to target her “problem areas.”

TLC star Darcey Silva gets fat-dissolving injections in her ‘love handles’

Darcey first shared a photo of herself donning a crown as she sat in her injector’s chair. The Darcey & Stacey star wore a Moncler jacket and a black bra underneath, baring plenty of skin for her appointment.

She smiled for the snap, captioning it, “Feeling like a queen at the best med spa in Miami!”

In her next slide, Darcey spoke to her followers, telling them, “Hi guys, it’s Darcey, and I’m here at Deluxe Medspa here in Miami, Florida, and I just did the most amazing, amazing procedure.”

“It was fat dissolve!” Darcey exclaimed. “It’s super awesome cuz you can get rid of all your stubborn areas on any part of your body that you wish, and it just dissolves. So I’m really excited to see the results. I did my love handles and my back area, so [I’m] really excited.”

In another video, Darcey shared footage of herself enjoying a cocktail in the lounge before being injected.

For her procedure, Darcey removed her jacket and stood in her bra and pants, facing away from her injector, who marked her skin with white lines before injecting the fat-dissolving agent into her back.

Per Deluxe Medspa Beauty‘s website, their fat-dissolving procedure can be performed on multiple areas, including the lower abdomen, upper abdomen flanks, arms, etc.

The procedure is a “safe and effective alternative to liposuction with none of the associated downtime or price” and is priced at $350.

Darcey has tried other weight-loss methods in recent years

In addition to having weight-loss surgery and her recent fat-dissolving injections, Darcey has tried several other methods to slim down in recent years.

She sparked rumors that she was using the popular type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic to lose weight when she promoted a weight-loss program on Instagram last year. The company Elite Health Center in New Jersey openly states on its website they use Ozempic to help their patients drop unwanted pounds.

In 2021, Darcey promoted Flat Tummy Co.’s apple cider vinegar gummies, telling her followers that she ate two a day to curb her appetite.

In another Instagram post from 2021, Darcey claimed she was using BOOMBOD’s weight-loss shots to suppress her appetite, telling her fans and critics the product had her feeling her “best.”

Patients who undergo bariatric surgery like Darcey are encouraged to take nutritional supplements, follow a regular exercise routine, and undergo regular labwork to ensure they’re healthy post-op.

Per Johns Hopkins Medicine, the surgery is typically reserved for patients who have a BMI of 30 or more and have been unable to lose weight via diet and exercise alone.

It’s unclear whether Darcey is adhering to a fitness regimen or if she’s using cosmetic interventions as a shortcut, but either way, there’s no slowing her down when it comes to chasing her goals.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus.

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