Darcey Silva is ‘in it to win it’ as she joins the Barbie trend

Darcey Silva 90DF Before the 90 Days Season 1
Darcey jumped on the Barbie selfie trend and shared some of her Mattel-inspired looks. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva is hopping on the Barbie selfie trend.

The release of the highly anticipated Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is just around the corner, and Darcey is channeling her inner Mattel character.

Barbie the Movie released a Selfie Generator that allows fans to upload a selfie, instantly turning them into a Barbie with a themed caption.

Darcey shared two such photos in her Instagram Story. The first depicted a heavily-filtered photo of Darcey in full glam. Darcey’s hair was a light platinum shade and was swooped to the side in voluminous waves.

Her makeup included flirty lashes, perfectly manicured brows, and a light mauve gloss on her lips. Darcey stared intently at the camera lens in the photo, which was captioned, “This Barbie is in it to win it.”

Darcey also included several Instagram handle tags, including one for herself, 90 Day Fiance, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and TLC. She added a hashtag that read #barbiethemovie, and the logo at the bottom also announced the film’s release date, reading, “Only in Theaters July 21.”

darcey silva shares an in it to win it barbie photo in her Instagram story
Darcey shared a Barbie selfie in her Story. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

90 Day Fiance star Darcey Silva is ‘in it to win it’ as an ‘iconic’ Barbie

In her second Barbie selfie, Darcey’s likeness was again highly filtered, making her appear like a computer-generated character. She donned a House of Eleven hat from her clothing brand, and her makeup was heavy with defined brows, thick lashes, dark eyeliner, and bubblegum pink lip color.

darcey silva barbie icon instagram story
Darcey deemed herself an icon in another Barbie selfie. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

“This Barbie is an icon,” read the caption along with the same logos and hashtags as the first photo, this time adding the IG handle for House of Eleven.

Darcey recently underwent Barbie touch-up surgery

This isn’t the first time Darcey has channeled Barbie — the 48-year-old Connecticut native recently underwent a Barbie touch-up surgery while in Turkey with her twin sister, Stacey Silva.

Darcey showed off the results of her cosmetic surgery procedure on Instagram. Darcey sported bandages on her nose in the pics, indicating she went under the knife yet again for a rhinoplasty revision.

The trip to Turkey was Darcey’s second, as she and Stacey previously jetted to the Middle East to have work done to alter their appearances.

In order to afford all of her cosmetic work, Darcey works hard to keep her businesses afloat. In addition to running House of Eleven alongside Stacey, Darcey has become a social media influencer, reaching millions with her growing fanbase on Instagram.

Darcey partnered with Flawless Face Pillow

Most recently, Darcey (and her sister Stacey) plugged Flawless Face Pillow. The premise behind the pillow is to promote sleeping on one’s back to avoid creasing the face or rubbing skin products onto the pillow. It promises to help lashes last longer, keep the face hydrated, and keep hair residue and oil away from the face during sleep.

The pillow is available in satin or pure silk and retails for $179 for the classic pillow and pillowcase or $139 for the Flawless Face Back Sleeper. Customers can read about the other benefits of the pillow and purchase accessories at

The two-hour-long Season 4 finale of Darcey & Stacey airs on Monday, April 10 at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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