Darcey Silva is a ‘beautiful Botox babe’ as she shows off wrinkle-free results

darcey silva season 4 darcey & stacey confessional
Darcey paid a visit to her favorite injector’s office. Pic credit: Discovery+

Reality TV star Darcey Silva indulged in a little bit of injection touch-ups, and she’s gushing about her results and her “best experience ever.”

90 Day Fiance fans know that Darcey is certainly no stranger to nips and tucks of all sorts.

The TLC personality has undergone many surgeries and procedures to alter her appearance in recent years.

Her latest trip to the Medspa included some Botox injections, although Darcey didn’t share which part of her face she had injected this time around.

Darcey took advantage of her VIP membership and uploaded photos and videos of herself inside the Miami-based spa.

Darcey wore her hair in a House of Eleven head scarf as she snapped a selfie, giving her fans and followers a close-up look at her chiseled cheekbones and wrinkle-free complexion.

“I’m a beautiful Botox babe at @4beautymedspa,” Darcey captioned the pic.

In her other slides, Darcey showed her followers around the spa, calling her injector the “Best in the biz!”

As a Medspa VIP Membership program member, Darcey has access to discounted prices on services, complimentary treatments during events, and access to VIP-only events, and we’re betting she takes full advantage of it all.

Darcey posed next to a painting of Marilyn Monroe in one of her last photos and captioned the selfie, “Love my Botox days! Best experience ever!”

Darcey Silva’s critics are less than impressed with her cosmetic procedure results

Reality TV fan kimmy_robinson_66 on Instagram uploaded Darcey’s footage to their page, where many were vocal about Darcey’s ever-changing looks.

Darcey’s appearance shocked many Instagram users, and several compared her to different celebrities… and not in a complimentary way.

“You are starting to look like the cat lady,” wrote one of Darcey’s detractors, insinuating that the 90 Day Fiance star resembles Jocelyn Wildenstein, the Swiss socialite with a penchant for extreme plastic surgery.

darcey silva's critics comment on her appearance on instagram
Darcey’s critics compared her to several different personalities. Pic credit: @kimmy_robinson_66/Instagram

Another commentator likened Darcey’s face to two other famous names: “Starting to look like Madonna and if you keep up the surgeries you going to end up looking like the saw character on the movie SAW.”

“I swear she looks like Ron Perlman when he was in beauty and the beast 🤮,” penned another Instagram user.

Darcey’s husband, Georgi Rusev, is also a fan of cosmetic procedures

We already know that Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey Silva, are huge fans of changing their looks regularly, and Darcey has also gotten her husband, Georgi Rusev, on board.

As Monsters and Critics reported, the Bulgarian native was spotted getting some Botox and filler back in November.

Ahead of their 2023 nuptials, Darcey and Georgi were in her home state of Connecticut, and Georgi stopped by BeautyFix MedSpa for a little zhuzh session.

Georgi fawned over his “snatched” face after having filler injected in his cheeks, jawline, and lips.

“I do my fillers and my cheekbones and my jawline, and I love it,” Georgi told his Instagram followers of his results.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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Judy B
Judy B
2 months ago

She looks like a monster! How in the world does she think she looks good?! Those horrible thick brows, the big nose, and those huge oversized lips! They’re only good for 1 thing, and I think we all know what that is. Right, Georgie? 😉