Darcey Silva defends using ‘insane’ filters on social media: ‘We love it!’

darcey silva season 1 darcey & stacey
Darcey is using filters on social media despite the backlash she receives. Pic credit: Discovery+

Amid some heavy criticism for overusing filters on social media, Darcey Silva is standing her ground.

Darcey is often under fire for using filters on her photos and videos.

Despite all of the cosmetic surgeries and procedures she’s undergone, she feels the need to alter her appearance even further.

Darcey’s latest recording on Instagram saw her critics out in full force, griping about her using filters and calling her out for it.

The TLC star uploaded a video of herself, her husband, Georgi Rusev, her twin sister Stacey Silva, and Stacey’s husband, Florian Sukaj, arriving home at their Miami condos.

The somewhat bizarre video showed the quartet unloading their luggage outside their condo building as Darcey narrated the recording.

Darcey Silva uploads peculiar video using ‘insane’ filters

Darcey complained that her feet hurt from wearing platform heels, and she asked Georgi to rub her feet later as he wheeled her suitcases into the building.

Once inside, the group approached the elevators as they tried to figure out where Florian went.

Eventually, Florian joined the group inside the elevator before the recording stopped.

Darcey captioned her video, “‘We Gotta Show Daddy!’ The never ending story… ⭐️🎥👯‍♀️,” and she added a slew of hashtags, including #darceyandstacey, #darceyandgeorgi, #staceyandflorian, #D&G, #D’Gorgio, #StayFlo, #StayFlossy, #tvshow, #Houseofeleven, #Wegottashowdaddy, #eleventhentertainment, #hollywood, and #scriptedsitcom.

Over 7,600 Instagram users liked the video, and thousands of Darcey’s fans and critics flooded the comments section with feedback.

While several comments were complimentary, the majority of them weren’t. Many of Darcey’s naysayers were curious why she chose to use a filter and called her out for doing so.

Critics slam Darcey’s overuse of filters and ‘destroying’ her beauty

“Ohhh, goodness look like they are cartoons so sad destroy their beauty,” wrote one Instagram user.

Another asked, “Good God what the f**k did you do to your face?”

darcey silva's instagram critics comment on her post
Fans weigh in on Darcey. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

“You all look like cartoons,” penned @lisa.singleton.12139.

One of Darcey’s critics urged her to take the “damn filters” off, warning, “If you go missing, the police have no idea what you actually look like.”

A couple of comments from more detractors caught Darcey’s attention.

Darcey typically ignores the onslaught of criticism she receives online, but this time, she is speaking out, and it appears that she was in on the joke.

The TLC star says she used filters on purpose as a ‘spoof’

One of Darcey’s followers voiced that the filters she used in the video were “insane,” and rather than bark back, Darcey explained why she chose to use them.

“We love it!” Darcey replied. “That’s the point! Spoof it baby!”

darcey silva responds to her instagram followers
Darcey responds to critics. Pic credit: @darceysilva/Instagram

Another Instagram user pointed out that the filter began flickering in Stacey’s glasses, and Darcey commented back, “Yes we love it that’s the point! Lol.”

Darcey continues to post bizarre videos online

Darcey posted several other videos in the same fashion, showing her, Stacey, Georgi, and Florian out and about in Miami.

In the last of four videos, which she titled “Pop Goes The Weasel!,” Darcey filmed Florian as he joined the rest of the group in the elevator.

Darcey noted that Florian was “in a mood” and didn’t feel like talking before she and Stacey told each other, “See ya later, calculator.”

At the end of the video, Darcey and Georgi exited the elevator onto their floor – and once again, Darcey complained about her “cankles” hurting her as Georgi rolled her luggage to their door.

After asking Georgi again to rub her feet, Darcey told him, “I’ll love you forever,” before the video cut out.

Perhaps the hashtags Darcey used — such as #tvshow, #scriptedsitcom, and #eleventhentertainment — hint at a new reality TV show coming in the future.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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