Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev split after two months of marriage? All the signs they’re no longer married

darcey silva georgi rusev
Darcey and Georgi are still newlyweds, but some think they’ve already split. Pic credit: Discovery+

It’s only been two months since Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev tied the knot, but it looks as if there is already trouble in paradise.

The TLC star and her on-again-off-again Bulgarian beau have chronicled their love story on reality television.

Following her breakups with Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks, Darcey entered into a relationship with Georgi, and it looked as though she finally found her Prince Charming.

But, Darcey and Georgi faced their fair share of relationship woes, breaking up and making up more times than we can count, including two failed engagements.

However, the third time was the charm for these two because they became husband and wife on November 11, 2023, as Monsters and Critics previously reported.

After announcing the news that they had wed in Darcey’s home state of Connecticut, the couple has seemingly gone silent on social media, as far as sharing photos and videos of themselves together.

Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev’s online activity is raising eyebrows regarding their relationship status

This has led their fans and critics to believe that Darcey and Georgi have already gone their separate ways just two months after walking down the aisle.

For one thing, Darcey’s Instagram activity has us speculating that she and Georgi’s marriage is on the rocks.

Darcey recently posted a video of herself in a risque corset as she stared at the camera seductively.

“I’m strong and loving me! I’m my own soulmate!” she wrote in the caption, as seen in the Reddit upload below.

The last time Georgi appeared on Darcey’s Instagram feed was January 3, when she uploaded a video of herself and Georgi on the cover of PEOPLE.

In the caption of the post, Darcey told her followers, “We love you all! Thank you for all the love! ❤️” and tagged everyone responsible for her wedding-day look.

Other than that, Georgi has been MIA from Darcey’s Instagram Stories as she continues to share footage of herself visiting her favorite med spas and attending events.

As far as Georgi is concerned, his IG feed features more photos of himself and Darcey, but the last time his bride made an appearance was also on January 3.

In the post, seen below, Georgi also shared a professional photo of himself and Darcey on their wedding day, as published by PEOPLE.

“We envisioned a beautiful 11/11 wedding date because the number 11 is close to our hearts,” Georgi wrote in his caption.

Darcey & Stacey viewers accuse Darcey and Georgi of a ‘PR stunt’

Over on Reddit, in a post titled “Darcey and Georgi split, only two months after they got married,” fans and critics speculated as to whether Darcey and Georgi might have split or perhaps are trying to throw off the media with their online activity.

“This could be real…..but it could be one of their dumb PR stunts,” surmised one Redditor.

Another felt as though their behavior is a “PR stunt for sure.”

redditors discuss whether darcey silva and georgi rusev might have split
Pic credit: u/PolishSnake2/Reddit

“Probably so they can get on that marriage rehab spinoff,” guessed another commenter.

One Redditor brought up an episode of Darcey & Stacey in which Darcey was searching for love again but was secretly hooking up with Georgi all along, pointing out that the House of Eleven co-founder has played coy about her and Georgi’s interactions before.

Darcey and Georgi want a second wedding ceremony

Earlier this month, Darcey told PEOPLE that she and Georgi were planning a “bigger, fairytale” wedding ceremony and vow renewal alongside Darcey’s twin sister, Stacey Silva, and her husband, Florian Sukaj.

So, are we going to see that come to fruition, and will it appear on reality television?

Word on the street is that Darcey & Stacey has been canceled by TLC, so it makes sense why some would suggest that Darcey and Georgi are attempting to garner attention to get back into the spotlight.

Whether or not we’ll find out what’s really going on with these two remains to be seen, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any clues in the meantime.

Darcey & Stacey is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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1 month ago

We do not need to see anymore of these clowns! They need to spend their time getting psychological help, there is some deep rooted problem that causes these women deforming themselves as they have.