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Danielle Jbali puts bully on blast and the messages she shared are really gross

Danielle Jbali on 90 Day Fiance
Danielle Jbali has been the subject of quite a bit of bullying over the years. Pic credit: TLC

Danielle Jbali is one of the biggest names to have risen from 90 Day Fiance. TLC viewers watched her doomed-from-the-start marriage to Mohamed Jbali on Season 2 of the show and she’s remained on the radar ever since.

With the good comes the bad, and it’s safe to say that Danielle has seen plenty of bad over the years. Many 90 Day Fiance fans have laughed at her, from time to time, and Danielle seems to take it all in stride. But, sometimes, the messages get really bad, like the one Danielle shared on Saturday.

Danielle captioned her screenshot, “If grown people think it is ok to message someone this type of stuff. You need help. You only saw a small fraction of my life.”

The message itself consisted of several DMs that were sent to the 90 Day Fiance veteran. They read, “Please kill yourself Danielle. Nobody loves you. You’re disgusting, fat and ugly. Stop trying. Your personality is s**t and you physically and psychically abuse those poor men with your stinky p**s. Poor Mohamed. Hope he is alright. Go kill yourself.”

It doesn’t appear that Danielle responded to her bully based on the screenshot she shared. Quickly, many other 90 Day Fiance cast members threw out their support for Danielle in the comments. Larissa Lima and Rachel Bear were among them, calling out the commenter for being so nasty in Danielle Jbali’s DMs.

Many of the 90 Day Fiance Instagram bloggers and meme pages also showed their support to Danielle and there were even several that suggested she should report the abuse.

Others said that she shouldn’t even give her bully the time of day, instead suggesting they be blocked and the messages deleted. That way the person who sent it wouldn’t even get the satisfaction of knowing that they made an impact.

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