Danielle Dodd shares first video of her baby girl and reveals her name

MAFS star Danielle Dodd screenshot
Danielle Dodd reveals the name of her third child. Pic credit: Lifetime

Danielle Dodd has given us a better look at her precious baby girl after recently teasing us with a cropped photo.

Danielle initially posted a glimpse of the toddler’s head as she rested peacefully, but her face was not shown.

At the time, Danielle’s other two kids hadn’t yet met their baby sister, and she wanted them to have their moment before she shared her photo with the world.

Now that big brother and big sister had their bonding moment with their new sibling, their parents have decided to reveal more details about her birth.

The Married at First Sight star disclosed the name of her third child and the heartwarming backstory behind it.

Danielle and her husband, Bobby, have a very positive group of supporters online who’ve been following their pregnancy journey for the past few months.

Therefore, it wasn’t surprising that Danielle took to social media to give them all the details.

MAFS star Danielle Dodd officially introduces the world to baby Savannah

Danielle posted an Instagram video of her baby girl all dressed up in the cutest outfit as she slept peacefully with an adorable pink bow on her head.

Right beside her was a sign with the name “Savannah Ann,” and in the caption, Danielle wrote, “Welcome to the world.”

“She was born 6lbs 9oz and 17 3/4″ long,” said the MAFS star. “She came fast and furious but thankfully not in the car 😆.”

As for the story behind the name Savannah, the mom of three noted that it was the only one she and Bobby could agree on. While her middle name, Ann, is the name of Bobby’s mom.

“Now that she is here, it seems like it was for a reason because she looks just like Savannah Ann to me!” continued Danielle.

“Thank you for all the love and support and prayers from this roller coaster ride. She is happy and healthy and I can’t wait to share my birth story with y’all!”

Danielle Dodd claps back at a question about her daughter

In another video, Danielle also posted a video of her birth story online and, at one point, had to clap back at a curious commenter.

You’ll notice that the 35-year-old didn’t share the date of Savannah Ann’s birth in any of her posts, and someone wasn’t too happy about that.

“Date of her birth? Fourth time I have asked,” said a very annoyed Instagram user.

MAFS star Danielle Dodd claps back at a commenter
Pic credit: @_daniellenicole/Instagram

“[We’ll] surely no one wants you to have to ask more than once, so sorry,” retorted Danielle, adding,”🙄.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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