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Danielle DeGroot celebrates her body in flattering bikini 

Danielle DeGroot
Danielle DeGroot appeared on Married at First Sight Season 5. Pic credit: @dieticiangonewild/Instagram

Danielle DeGroot sizzled in her latest summer snapshot. 

Danielle was introduced to viewers on Married at First Sight Season 5 years ago.

She was matched with Cody Knapek at the altar, and the two ultimately chose to divorce. 

While Danielle isn’t as active on social media as some other members of the MAFS franchise, she often turns heads when she does post. 

Her latest post did just that as she struck a pose in a skin-baring brown bikini. 

Danielle highlighted her toned figure from various angles in the bikini while speaking about celebrating her body.

Danielle DeGroot poses in a brown bikini 

Danielle DeGroot took to her main Instagram page to share mirror selfies in her bikini. 

In the first photo, Danielle faced forward and let her hair hang down as she highlighted her toned figure in a brown bikini with matching stringy bottoms.

In the second photo, Danielle smiled while turning to the side to give a cheeky view of her taglines and the back of the bikini. Her dog could be seen behind her, resting on the bed. 

Danielle captioned the post with a message of body positivity for all women as she expressed learning to celebrate her body rather than fight or condemn it. 

Danielle DeGroot says, ‘hug your own curves’

The MAFS dietician wrote, “New ‘kini, old tan lines.🫠 Try’na celebrate my body these days instead of fighting against it… Hug your own curves. Play with your own hair. Don’t wait for someone else to treat you like the goddess that you are. Don’t wait til you ‘just lose that last 10, 20, 30 lbs.’” 

Sharing what she’s done doing to herself, Danielle wrote, “How many years have you complained about your bod only to look back at old pics and be like “oh yah I didn’t look that bad?” Yah. I’m over that s**t.”

Danielle concluded her caption, “Our bodies are ahhmaazing. The way they self heal and adapt to protect us is unreal. They’re our homes. Let’s show ‘em gratitude and work with them instead of against them. And if other women celebrating their bods triggers you, it’s probably about time you started loving your own body more.”

Danielle received positive comments such as, “Anybody else suddenly get thirsty??,” Eyebrows are on point,” and “Love your words. Loooove your bod. Now make your bed!!!”

Danielle DeGroot's comment section
Pic credit: @dieticiangonewild/Instagram

Danielle’s message is undoubtedly a powerful and positive one that resonated with her followers, who praised her beauty and words. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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