Dancing with the Stars wants to hire Kylie Jenner to co-host next season

Could Kylie Jenner join DWTS
Could Kylie Jenner join DWTS? Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Admedia

Dancing with the Stars had a great 1-2 punch with Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews co-hosting the show together.

When ABC fired both of the hosts, the network ended up going with a solo host in Tyra Banks.

However, with so many fans complaining about Tyra’s performance this past season, Dancing with the Stars is rumored to be looking for a second host again to partner with Banks and possibly even her out.

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The name brought up most recently is Kylie Jenner.

Dancing with the Stars interested in Kylie Jenner

When news broke that Dancing with the Stars was looking at Kylie Jenner, many might have believed it was as a new dancer for the upcoming 31st season.

However, they want the Kardashian sibling to be more than that.

The Sun reported that Dancing with the Stars executives want to hire Kylie Jenner to co-host the show with Tyra Banks.

If they can’t get Kylie, the execs want to hire a similar “big name.”

The original reports indicated that the executives wanted to either remove Tyra Banks as the host or add a co-host to level things out. While she was never blamed for the lower ratings, there were rumblings that fans failing to warm up to her was a concern.

The Sun also reported that DWTS execs plan to talk to Tyra Banks about possible names that could “bring more eyeballs” to the dancing reality series.

Other names outside of Kylie Jenner include Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, LeVar Burton, and RuPaul. Other names discussed include Michael Strahan and Jimmy Kimmel.

“Signing at least one major star” is extremely likely, they concluded.

Will Kylie Jenner bring in more viewers for DWTS?

Kylie Jenner being a huge name for reality television might not be enough to bring in massive numbers to a reality competition show like Dancing with the Stars.

The fans of DWTS are mostly people who enjoy the dancing, which explains the backlash at Tyra Banks elaborate dancing and constant talking over the judges.

The world of reality TV and a dancing competition series does not always crossover. Bachelor stars, Real Housewives, and more have come on the show and not moved the needle as much as expected.

It is also a good idea to look at The Voice.

Much like how DWTS brings in dancing fans, The Voice brings in people who love music and singers.

In 2021, Ariana Grande joined the cast, with the idea that her immense popularity would bring in a younger, bigger audience. It didn’t happen, The Voice dropped in ratings again, and Ariana didn’t get enough fan votes to have a single person in the finals.

That has led to The Voice reportedly moving on from Ariana and bringing in a more established name in Jennifer Lopez.

Whether Kylie Jenner would be a welcome addition to DWTS is a question only fans can answer if it happens.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return to ABC in late 2022.

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Rita McDonald
Rita McDonald
1 year ago

Tom Bergeron & Erin Andrews were the best–Find some one comparable to them.

1 year ago

Seriously, I’ve never seen this woman even smile much less formulate a sentence.