Dancing with the Stars, Val Chmerkovskiy considering retiring after this season

Val Chmerkovskiy and Olivia Jade on Dancing with the Stars
Val Chmerkovskiy and Olivia Jade on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

One of Dancing with the Stars’ most respected veteran pro dancers, Val Chmerkovskiy, is considering retirement following this season.

This season, he is working with Olivia Jade, who is one of the higher scoring stars.

With such a good performance with the young controversial star, Val is considering calling it quits when the season comes to an end.

Val considering retiring from Dancing with the Stars

Val appeared on Olivia Jade’s Conversation With Olivia Jade podcast and they talked about his future.

Olivia asked a question, making it clear that she knew Val might be calling it quits.

“What’s after this for you?” Olivia Jade asked. “Is this your final season or do we have more in that little dancing body?”

The first thing that Val made clear was that he was going to keep dancing. However, he said that it might not be for Dancing with the Stars anymore.

Val said that his Dancing with the Stars future is “TBD.”

The reason that Val wants to leave might take his wife, Jenna Johnson, along with him.

Val wants to have children with Jenna, but he also has other professional pursuits.

“I just want to continue to grow creatively, I want to produce shows, I want to star on Broadway, I want to star in movies, I want to move on from [the show],” Val said.

“[Jenna and I] could collaborate together moving forward too, for sure. It doesn’t just have to be on this project, we could facilitate our own project.”

Val on why Olivia Jade is his favorite DWTS partner

“I build different relationships with all of [my partners], but you’re my favorite. You’re my favorite,” Val said to Olivia.

Val had already taken up for Olivia before this to fans who see her as one of the most controversial dancers on the show thanks to her fame coming from the College Admissions Scandal that saw her parents end up in prison and Olivia kicked out of college.

Val kept his praise going for Olivia here.

“You definitely are the biggest surprise for me. You definitely exceeded my expectations for sure, out of everybody,” Val said.

He then said there were some celebs that came in with potential he has worked with.

“I’m not saying they were ringers, but they had potential coming in. Like, it was mine to ruin,” Val said. “Zendaya was mine to ruin, Normani was mine to ruin, they were amazing already and I just made some good choices for them and then just got out of their way.”

He then credited Olivia Jade for coming in and working hard.

“With you, it’s not that easy and this season is very competitive, so it just means more,” Val said. “The harder the journey, the more it means to you and this one means a lot to me, so how many of these meaningful journeys can I emotionally go through?”

Dancing with the Stars airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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