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Dancing With the Stars star had ‘more than COVID’ when he pulled out of tour

Artem and Nikki Bella
Artem and Nikki Bella on her birthday. Pic credit: @theartemc/Instagram

Artem Chigvintsev disappointingly had to pull out of the Dancing with the Stars tour due to illness.

The first thing that many fans feared was that he contracted COVID-19, which would have been dangerous for not only him but his wife and baby.

His wife, Nikki Bella, apparently didn’t end up sick as she appeared for WWE on Saturday night at the Royal Rumble.

Nikki’s twin sister Brie Bella spoke out about her return to WWE and they talked a little about Artem.

Brie said Artem had ‘more than COVID’

“He’s doing a lot better, which is so great,” Brie Bella told Us Weekly regarding Artem.

“I know it’s really made him feel good seeing everyone just reaching out and thinking of him and sending their thoughts and prayers his way.”

Artem, 39, left the Dancing with the Stars tour early and only said it was because of unexpected health issues.

“My goal is to recover as quickly as possible so I can rejoin my cast and crew on this incredible tour,” Artem said, saying he hoped to return to the tour before it ended.

While Artem didn’t tell anyone what he had, Brie Bella revealed that he did have COVID-19. She also said it was hard on him to get sick in the middle of the tour.

She also said that it was “something more than COVID,” making it sound like his illness was worse than expected.

Brie Bella worked with Artem on The Real Dirty Dancing

Artem Chigventsev met Nikki Bella when she was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and he was her pro.

While she was dating John Cena at the time, Artem said he fell in love with Nikki on the spot. After Nikki and Cena broke up, she and Artem began dating.

They have a child but still have yet to get married.

Recently, Artem worked with Nikki’s sister Brie Bella on the upcoming reality series The Real Dirty Dancing.

The series follows eight celebrities as they try to become the new Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing.

“I got about five hours worth with Artem and training, but it was really awkward because we were in his and Nicole’s living room,” Brie said. “I had to, like, jump on him … I mean, like Dirty Dancing! Can you imagine? And my sister walked by and I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’”

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The reality dancing competition series will return to ABC in late 2022.

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  1. Get well soon mr bella. How in the hell would brie know anything unless she’s seeing him on the side and what I think was true he was sleeping with Nikki while she was on the show. Well she cheated on dolph ziggler with cena. Once a cheater slut always a cheater thats my opinion of her because that’s what she is.

    • Brie wand Nikki are super close. They are together all the time. Thats how Brie knows what’s up with Artem. No funny business.

      As for Nikki, Dolph cheated on her.


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