Dancing with the Stars fans want a new pro added to the lineup, start new petition

Derek and Hayley on Dancing with the Stars
Derek and Hayley are on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Horror Week on Dancing with the Stars brought a fun moment when Derek Hough performed for the fans.

His number also included the special appearance of his real-life girlfriend Hayley Erbert.

After watching the great performance, fans swept to social media and said they didn’t know why she wasn’t part of the Dancing with the Stars pro lineup.

Dancing with the Stars fans want Hayley Erbert as a pro

This wasn’t the first time that Hayley Erbert danced with her boyfriend Derek Hough, but coming on national television made it a high-profile moment.

It even led some over-zealous Dancing with the Stars fans to start a petition to add Hayley Erbert to the lineup of pro dancers for Season 31.

So far, 1,299 people signed the petition and the petition said it felt that 1,500 signees would get it more local news attention.

The petition said that Hayley is “a cross-trained professional dancer.”

She got her start on So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 and finished in the Top 3 for the women.

When she was 21, she started working for Dancing with the Stars as part of the dance troupe and served in that role for seven seasons. She also worked with the show for four national tours.

The troupe disbanded in Season 28 and she worked as a mentor on Dancing with the Stars Juniors.

When pushing for Hayley to join the Dancing with the Stars pro lineup, “Many people were furious when her team was shockingly eliminated, noting that her choreography was “fresh” and “different” from what they had seen before.”

Fans on Twitter also chimed in after seeing her on the episode with Derek Hough.

“Will never understand why they never made Hayley a pro,” wrote one fan.

Hayley Tweet 1
Pic credit: @flutzafana/Twitter

“The biggest mistake this show made was not making Hayley a pro,” wrote another fan.

“Derek allows Hayley the opportunity to remind the producers why she should’ve been made a pro every single time he performs,” a third Twitter user wrote.

Hayley Tweet 2
Pic credit: @rhy_brew

Would adding Hayley cause controversy on DWTS?

The last comment shows where the problems might lie.

Derek Hough is one of the four judges and has been a highlight this season when it comes to the judges’ table.

If Hayley is one of the pros, and Derek remains as a judge, wouldn’t that create a conflict of interest?

If he gives a high score to a couple with Hayley in it, some fans would call favoritism on his part. If he gives low scores, fans would accuse him of underscoring her to keep from looking like he was showing favoritism.

While Hayley is a great dancer, making her a pro would almost have to force DWTS to remove Derek Hough from the judge’s table.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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