Dancing with the Stars execs respond to Tyra Banks’ role in drop in ratings

Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars
Tyra Banks on Dancing with the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

The ratings for Dancing with the Stars has fallen this season, and many fans point to one big reason for the decline.

Every week, more fans are vocal on social media that they can’t stand Tyra Banks. Some fans say they mute her and others say they have quit watching because of her.

However, it appears that Dancing with the Stars execs don’t believe that Tyra Banks is the real problem with the ratings this season.

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Dancing with the Stars execs don’t blame Tyra Banks for low ratings

Dancing with the Stars executives are not looking at Tyra Banks when it comes to the dropping ratings. It should be noted that Tyra is an executive producer for the show.

According to The Sun, the producers are “scared” to address any problems that are affecting the show’s ratings.

“This has been a testing year certainly with the audience numbers and the fan reactions, but day to day there is a stance of carrying on with the show, making the contestants have their best experiences and not worrying about the numbers,” a source told The Sun.

The source then said that they don’t agree with the fans who are complaining about Tyra Banks and they are happy with her

“There is a sense that they do not want to make any comments, because they were the ones to bring in Tyra,” the source said. “And no-one wants to lose face saying out loud there are problems. It doesn’t reflect well on their decision.”

Dancing with the Stars blame celebs for low ratings

Instead of blaming Tyra Banks, it looks like the execs are placing the blame on the celebrities dancing.

“So far the only discussion point about the struggles has been that it is the talent pool this year, which has not appealed to audiences – and nothing to do with Tyra,” the source continued.

There is also concern from people on the set that they don’t want to say anything because they fear for their jobs.

“No-one is speaking up about all the dramas on a production level, because they love their jobs and the show,” the source said. “They are all doing the best they can, but hope that all the issues will get reviewed at some point.”

Dancing with the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c. The Season 30 finale takes place on Monday night, November 22.