Dale Moss hangs off the side of a building 1200 feet up

Dale Moss
Dale Moss hangs from 1200 feet in the air. Pic credit: ABC

Dale Moss caught the attention of The Bachelorette Clare Crawley almost immediately on Season 16 of the show.

In turn, he then caught the attention of Bachelor Nation as he seemingly swept Clare off her feet, and the two left just a few weeks into the season. Dale proposed, Clare accepted, and it all seemed perfect.

However, the engagement didn’t last long, and since Clare, Dale has been linked to two other women. Argentinian soccer player and model Florencia Galarza, and Bachelor Nation alum, Tayshia Adams, who had taken over Clare’s season after Dale left with her, have both been spotted numerous times over the past months with Dale.

Now it seems as if Dale has been spending some time by himself, according to his latest Instagram posts.

What did Dale Moss post that shocked viewers?

In Dale’s most recent post on Instagram, he showed himself in a video, as he donned a turquoise wind suit, tennis shoes, and a helmet.

However, this video is unique because Dale is hanging off the side of a building, over 1200 feet from the ground, with just a harness.

He captioned his video, “Just hanging off the side of a building 1,200 feet up … NBD. Tag someone you’d do this with! @cityclimb #NewYorkCity #NewLevel #NYC #Motivation #Explore.”

As Dale leaned off the building, he had a smile on his face and looked as relaxed as could be, like what he was doing was no big deal at all.

Viewers responded to Dale’s video in disbelief

While some viewers couldn’t believe what Dale was doing with their “Omg” and “Oh good god” comments, others wanted to try it.

Two viewers posted, “I was waiting for them to let ya fly!! WE gotta go on a jump sometime Brotha” and “Haha awesome dude.”

Fans were either shocked or excited about Dale Moss' hanging off the building.
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

More people let Dale know what they thought of his video and extracurricular activity as they stated, “MANIAC!!!!!!!” and “Wow! Crazy! (hands-clapping emoji).”

One person even talked about how they had done something very similar to this back in Toronto, and even though she was scared of heights, she still did it easily.

Yet one other viewer could not get over it, as she said, “That just made my anxiety spike my fear of heights would definitely prevent me from doing that lol.”

Others called Dale a maniac, and some talked about doing something similar.
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

While the reviews were mixed on Dale’s decision to be 1,200 feet up in the air at the top of the city, Dale seemed to be having the time of his life up there!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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