Dale Moss explores casual relationship with Florencia Galarza four months after split from Clare Crawley

Dale Moss
Dale Moss reportedly has a new flame. Pic credit: ABC

Since breaking up with former fiancee Clare Crawley, Dale Moss’s dating life has been in the spotlight, as fans remain curious who he will date next. 

While Dale is not currently in a serious relationship, sources report that he is exploring a casual connection with soccer player Florencia Galarza four months after his breakup from Clare Crawley.

Dale Moss and Florencia Galarza keep it casual 

An inside source spoke with Us Weekly to provide insight into the budding relationship between Dale Moss and Florencia Galarza. 

The insider shared, “It’s very casual,” adding, “They aren’t officially dating.” 

Dale and Florencia may not have the official titles of girlfriend and boyfriend, but they certainly appear comfortable and happy together as they explore their relationship on their terms. 

Earlier in January 2022, Dale and Florencia were spotted out together as they shopped together in New York City. 

Time will tell if Dale and Florencia’s relationship evolves into something more serious. 

Who is Florencia Galarza?

Dale’s special friend, Florencia Galarza, is a vibrant soccer player from Argentina.

According to her Instagram bio, Florencia lists herself as an athlete, activist, yogi, and model. 

She speaks “Spanglish” and resides in New York City. Interestingly, she has also been featured in Vogue. 

Florencia has 44.4k followers currently, and she often shares photos from her photoshoots and several sports-related posts.

Clare Crawley linked to Blake Monar and Jeff Dye in the past 

While Dale continues to be out and about in New York with Florencia, Clare has been linked to a couple of men since her breakup with Dale in September 2021 too.

However, the men that Clare has been spotted with also don’t appear to be involved with her romantically.

Fans speculated that Clare was seeing comedian Jeff Dye. Still, it was later confirmed that they weren’t serious as Jeff explained that them sitting next to one another at a basketball game was purely platonic. 

Speaking on Clare, Jeff teased, “I met Clare, and she’s awesome, but if sitting by someone at a Lakers game means I’m dating someone, I guess me and my friend Richard have been in a relationship for years.” 

Clare was also rumored to be seeing fellow Bachelor Nation star Blake Monar, but that also was not confirmed to be romantic. 

As Dale and Clare move on with their lives, there’s sure to be more details about who they will both officially date next. 

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.  

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