Daisy Kelliher hints at possible continuation of her chief stew role on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Daisy Kelliher
Daisy Kelliher may have let it slip to Below Deck Sailing yacht fans that she will be reoccurring in her chief stew role. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Daisy Kelliher is slated to return to viewers’ TV screen as the chief stew on Season 3 of the hit spinoff where she will be working with Captain Glen once again, but is there even more Below Deck Sailing in her future?

In an airport Q&A with followers on Instagram, Daisy answered a wide array of questions about the show, her life, and what the future looks like. In the answer to a question asking if it was hard to keep her appearance on Season 2 a secret, Daisy may have given away the spoiler that viewers can expect to see her continuing her role on the show.

Daisy Kelliher may have revealed whether she will continue as chief stew on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Daisy did a lengthy Q&A with her followers on Instagram while stuck at an airport, and in one of her answers to a fan, she hinted at returning to the franchise.

The question that elicited the cryptic response read, “Was it hard to keep it a secret that you were going back for season 2?”

Daisy answered, “Kind of annoying getting asked it all the time because I can’t say and, so for next year everybody do me a favor and just don’t ask. Wait till it’s announced because I’m not able to say so I’m just going to ignore you.”

Daisy Kelliher's IG story
Daisy hinted at a possible return to her chief stew role in seasons of Sailing Yacht to come. Pic credit: @daisykelliher87/Instagram

Speculation can be drawn from Daisy’s statement that she may reprise her role in the future, but Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers will have to stay tuned to see if she lets anything else slip on the topic.

What can Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers expect from Season 3?

The upcoming season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht promises to bring all the familiar drama fans have come to love and to throw some curveballs in the way of boat mishaps, spicy romances, and wild time on and off charter.

Daisy Kelliher will be joined by fellow alum Gary King and Colin MacRae and they will be working amongst five new crew members from the galley, interior, and deck.

Between interpersonal and working issues within the interior, several chaotic crew hookups, and dangerous situations involving the sailing yacht, this season will keep fans on their toes and looking to see what will unfold next.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 premieres on Monday, February 21 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Your own article on the same day about Captain Glenn said that she was returning, along with Gary King and Colin MacRae.