Cynthia Bailey says acting career is her ‘last chapter’ after leaving RHOA

Former The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey shares her acting plans.
Cynthia Bailey is focusing solely on her acting career. Pic credit: @cynthiabailey/Instagram

Cynthia Bailey has made a huge statement regarding the next chapter of her life.

After leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta at the end of Season 13, the model-turned-reality star has revealed that acting is now her main focus.

Cynthia spent 11 seasons on RHOA, where she let fans in on some of her life’s most personal and vulnerable moments. Her decision to leave the show was explained by her simply being ready for the next chapter.

That chapter turned out to be acting. After landing minor supporting roles in various projects, Cynthia decided she wanted to put her all into the craft.

Speaking exclusively to Page Six, Cynthia revealed that portraying different characters will be the “last chapter” of her long career in entertainment.

In her interview, she also explains the projects she has lined up and what roles she hopes to play in the future.

Cynthia Bailey says getting into acting was ‘intentional’

While speaking to Page Six, Cynthia explained that shifting her focus to acting wasn’t a fluke. She says, “This was the intentional next step for me. This is the next chapter. And not only is it the next chapter, it’s the last chapter.”

Elaborating on her decision to become an actress, Cynthia also said: “You guys had Cynthia Bailey the model; you guys got to follow Cynthia Bailey the reality star. Now, you guys are going to get to see Cynthia Bailey, the actress. And what’s happening after that? Nothing. This is it.”

Cynthia is currently promoting her television show Terror Lake Drive: Single Black Female. In it, she plays an aunt trying to keep her nephew safe after people suddenly begin to disappear in their neighborhood.

The role helped Cynthia connect with her daughter and become more aware of the potential issues facing the Black community. She says the part also helped her find the actress within herself.

Cynthia Bailey talks about her upcoming projects

In addition to her current role on Terror Lake Drive, Cynthia has also been featured in the Lifetime original film Cruel Instruction and The Stepmother on the Tubi app. She will also have a part in the upcoming AMC series, Interview with the Vampire.

When asked about her future in acting, Cynthia says she wants to continue honing her skills and hopes to play darker grittier roles. She says, “I want to go dark. I want to play a kingpin drug dealer or something. I want to do something that you guys have not seen me [do].”

To get to that place, Cynthia says she just wants to continue learning and growing to land the roles she wants. She added, “I want to evolve to be an actress on a level where you guys just see the actress, you guys don’t see Cynthia Bailey anymore.”

Before concluding her interview, Cynthia revealed she does still watch RHOA. She says she feels relieved not to be part of the heated new season and enjoys being able to just watch for fun.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo. Terror Lake Drive: Single Black Female is currently streaming on the ALLBLK app.

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