Cynthia Bailey puts Wendy Williams in her place after bringing up the RHOA star’s daughter Noelle

RHOA star Cynthia Bailey responds to Wendy Williams' claim that she used daughter for an interesting storyline
Cynthia Bailey puts Wendy Williams in her place. Pic credit: FOX

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey does not play when it comes to her only daughter Noelle Robinson.

And talk show host Wendy Williams just found that out the hard way.

The Atlanta Housewife shares Noelle with her ex, actor Leonne Robinson, who we’ve seen on the show a few times.

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Both parents have a very special relationship with their daughter.

Last season, Noelle even shared on RHOA that she was sexually fluid.

Viewers applauded Bailey for the way she supported her now 21-year-old daughter when she came out to her on the show.

But it seems controversial talk show host Wendy Williams thinks that it was for a storyline.

 Wendy says Cynthia needed Noelle for a storyline

As Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to air on Bravo, the cast members are doing their press rounds.

And most recently the former supermodel sat down for a chat on The Wendy Williams show.

As we all know by now, Wendy likes to stir the pot and she did just that during her interview with the RHOA star.

However, Bailey had no problem putting the TV host in her place.

During the chat, Williams brought up the moment when Noelle came out on the show about being sexually fluid.

However as Cynthia explained how she helped her daughter to come out on RHOA, Wendy interjected with a comment that clearly rubbed the 53-year-old the wrong way.

“And plus, not for nothing, you needed a more interesting storyline than the happy married lady, so now we can watch Noelle…” said Wendy.

But the newly married Mrs. Hill did not let the comment slide, “You know I wanna respond to that,” she remarked.

Cynthia puts Wendy in her place

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star continued her response to Wendy’s insinuation that her daughter’s coming out was for a storyline.

“Listen, honestly,  Noelle’s not a Housewife, she’s not a peach holder,” noted Cynthia. “Noelle does not have to actually share her life with you guys.”

Wendy tried to jump in and steer the conversation to Cynthia and Mike, but the Atlanta Housewife was determined to make her point.

“…Wendy, the reason why I really wanted Noelle to tell her story on the show is because, as a reality star family at this point, if we don’t talk about it on the show and people find out about it, they almost like we’re hiding it.”

She continued, “And I didn’t want Noelle to feel ashamed or embarrassed or had to hide her truth…”

“Noelle is fluid, that’s her life and I wanted her to tell her own story,” added Cynthia.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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