Critics urge Leah Messer to lay off Botox and filler as Teen Mom star’s face looks too ‘stiff’

Leah Messer IG selfie February 2023
Leah snaps a car selfie with her twin daughters Ali and Aleeah. Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

Leah Messer is being inundated with accusations from Teen Mom viewers who are convinced she has gone under the knife.

Leah has been sharing her life with MTV audiences for over a decade.

Teen Mom fans have watched Leah’s appearance change over the years, from first seeing her as a teen mom raising twins to present-day as a 31-year-old mom of three.

During a recent Instagram video, Leah was joined by her daughters, Ali, Aleeah, and Addie, as well as her sister, Victoria, and her husband, Royer, as the group visited Crumbl Cookies for the first time.

Leah recorded herself and the rest of her crew as they gave their feedback on the hyped-up cookie brand.

The West Virginia native recorded herself from her car, looking fresh-faced, apparently wearing no makeup and sporting only lash extensions.

“We had Crumbl Cookies for the first time yesterday and we vote that they are worth the hype you all! ? What do you guys think?” read the accompanying caption.

Although the video was aimed at reviewing Crumbl Cookies, many of Leah’s followers couldn’t help but focus on her appearance instead.

Teen Mom viewers question how much work Leah Messer had done to her ‘stiff’ face

Within just three hours, Leah’s Reel accumulated thousands of likes. Hundreds of her 3 million Instagram followers headed to the comments section, where many of them sounded off, accusing her of going under the knife or the needle to achieve her look.

One of Leah’s followers felt as though the MTV star’s lips looked “different” and actually mistook her for another Teen Mom 2 star, Chelsea Houska, who has admitted to getting filler and Botox.

“What’s wrong with your face,” asked another, questioning why it appeared to look so “stiff.”

leah messer's critics comment on her instagram post about the work they think she's had done to her face
Leah’s Instagram followers are convinced she had work done to her face recently. Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

“You’ve had quite the face procedures,” read another accusatory comment.

Others point-blank asked Leah how much work she’s had done to her face and whether she’s been getting fillers injected.

“My 1st thought,” wrote another, “Definitely has had her lips done. She is playing with them while talking and her face isn’t moving.”

What cosmetic work has Leah admitted to having done?

Leah has opened up about having work done in the past — in 2019, Leah issued a statement after Teen Mom viewers alleged that she had cheek filler injected.

While she didn’t explicitly deny getting cheek filler, Leah told her naysayers, “It’s called taking better care of yourself, loving yourself and embracing yourself for who you are!”

“I did have some small cosmetic work done on my teeth and what I really want is to get my boobs done – FYI!” she added.

Leah had more cosmetic work done on her teeth last summer while she was still engaged to Jaylan Mobley. Leah had veneers done — “custom-made shells that fit over the front surfaces of your teeth” to improve the appearance of one’s smile — alongside Jaylan, who also underwent the procedure.

While Leah continually faces allegations that she’s changing her face, the Teen Mom veteran doesn’t seem bothered by the remarks, as she has yet to respond to the rumors in recent months.

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