Critics slam Farrah Abraham for daughter Sophia’s latest fashion statement

Teen Mom OG alumni Sophia and Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham is under fire once again for another one of Sophia’s fashion statements. Pic credit: Farrah and Sophia/YouTube

Teen Mom OG alum Farrah Abraham is under fire once again, this time for allowing her daughter Sophia to undergo yet another trendy fashion statement.

Sophia recently turned 13 years old and Farrah went all out with a grunge-themed photoshoot. But the festivities didn’t stop there — Farrah allowed Sophia to pierce her septum, which garnered her plenty of flak from critics who felt Sophia was too young.

Farrah Abraham allows daughter Sophia to get tooth gems after getting braces removed

Now, Sophia is trying out her latest fashion statement, tooth gems, and Farrah’s critics have come out once again in full force.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, Sophia shared a video with her 849k followers, showing off her extra-sparkly pearly whites. The fashion-forward teenager smiled to reveal an array of white and purple gems covering her top and bottom teeth.

“Got braces off!! just got teeth gems ? so cuteee!” read the caption on the video.

Farrah, who recently finished up her stint in a trauma treatment center, was sure to take to the comments where she explained to the many followers questioning the procedure that they won’t harm Sophia’s teeth in any way.

“? sparkle baby ! ✨ braces off & teeth gems ? p.s these don’t effect your teeth and retainer’s still go over them ?,” Farrah wrote in the comments section.

farrah abraham explains teeth gems in sophia's IG post comments
Pic credit: @sophialabraham/Instagram

Also in the comments were critics who felt that the aspiring stand-up comedienne shouldn’t have allowed Sophia to get teeth gems.

Teen Mom OG fans criticize Farrah for allowing Sophia’s latest fashion statement

One of Farrah’s critics didn’t think it was financially wise and commented, “money to waste.”

Another felt that after getting her braces off, Sophia was defeating the purpose of showing off her newly straightened teeth: “What a waste of [sic] braces show off your nice teeth bro.. ?”

critics comment on sophia abraham's IG post after she gets teeth gems
Pic credit: @sophialabraham/Instagram

“All that money spent on braces just to damage teeth again. Geez,” wrote another one of Farrah’s critics, despite the Teen Mom OG alum explaining that the gems reportedly won’t damage Sophia’s enamel.

One of Sophia’s commenters felt that she’ll have issues as she gets older and wrote, “This is going to be a little girl that is going to have a lot of issues when she grows up.”

Despite what some deem controversial, too-mature choices for Sophia, Farrah has defended her stance. When critics called her out for allowing Sophia to pierce her septum, Farrah explained, “I would rather it be by a professional, sanitized, and clean than my teen going sneaking off and doing it herself, getting an infection, and whatnot.”

Farrah also came under fire last Christmas for allowing Sophia to wear heavy makeup and adult attire for a photoshoot and has been accused of “exploiting” her daughter.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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