Critics shocked by Farrah Abraham’s appearance on her 32nd birthday: ‘She looks at least 45’

Farrah Abraham at Crazy Horse III
Farrah poses on the red carpet at Crazy Horse III in Las Vegas. Pic credit: ©

Teen Mom alum Farrah Abraham recently celebrated her 32nd birthday, but her critics find it hard to believe.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Farrah is in the Netherlands to commemorate her 32nd trip around the sun with her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Farrah’s latest Instagram post included a video compilation of herself and Sophia “paying tribute” to the Red Light District, where prostitution, peep shows, sex shops, and strip clubs abound.

In the video, Farrah sported a sparkly minidress and a gold bomber jacket as she struck several poses in front of several landmarks, while Sophia joined her mom, clad in a black dress and a leather jacket.

Although Farrah received intense backlash for bringing along her teenage daughter to a prostitution district, she’s receiving just as much criticism for her appearance.

In the comments section of Farrah’s post, more than a few followers were shocked that the former MTV star is “only” 32, as they feel her multitude of cosmetic surgeries and procedures have prematurely aged her.

Critics say former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham looks older than 32

One such critic wrote to Farrah, “There’s no way possible you’re 32, I think your mom lied to you! 52 I would believe, maybe even 45 but you’re not in your 30’s.”

Another Instagram user who echoed the sentiment asked, “32????? You look at least 45,” while one questioned Farrah’s age and added a slew of crying-laughing emojis.

farrah abraham's critics commented on her looking older than her age on instagram
Many of Farrah’s followers found it hard to believe she only turned 32. Pic credit: @farrahabraham/Instagram

“32?!?! Oh. 😬,” read another comment.

Mocking Farrah’s age and noting that she appears to be about 20 years older than she claims, another commenter snarkily wrote, “Imagine feeling the need to announce your own birthday online at 53 years old.”

Farrah says her ‘puffy’ face is the result of sinus issues

Farrah’s appearance has changed drastically since she first shot to fame on MTV in 2009. She’s admitted to having a bevy of work done, including breast augmentation, filler injections in her derriere, lip filler, a chin implant, and most recently, lip-blushing.

The 32-year-old former adult entertainment star continues to spark concern among her fans and critics due to her ever-changing appearance, particularly her face.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Farrah addressed the chatter in a recent Instagram Story, blaming her “puffy” face on a medical condition.

The Teen Mom OG alum told her followers that she suffers from sinusitis, a “debilitating” condition. Farrah said she’s undergoing surgery next week after her sinuses have “given out.”

“So thank you for others who were saying negative things and not being educated on the matter,” said Farrah.

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