Critics shocked by Angela Deem’s messy home: ‘Is this 90 Day Fiance or Hoarders?’

angela deem on 90 day: the last resort season 1
Angela’s bedroom has 90 Day Fiance viewers accusing her of hoarding. Pic credit: Discovery+

Angela Deem revealed the inside of her home to 90 Day Fiance viewers, who were astounded at what they saw.

This Sunday, we’ll watch Angela’s husband, Michael Ilesanmi, arrive in the U.S. after years of waiting for his visa.

90 Day Fiance shared a preview of Sunday’s episode on Instagram in a clip captioned, “Freshly landed in America, Angela gives Michael the grand tour of his new home. Don’t miss it, Sunday at 8/7c on #90DayFiance.”

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers got a first look at Angela’s bedroom, and her husband, Michael, did as well.

After Michael arrived in Georgia with Angela, she brought him inside for a quick tour before they hit the hay.

Before bringing Michael inside, Angela apologized.

Michael is astonished to see the state of Angela’s bedroom

“Sorry about my room,” Angela warned Michael during a house tour.

As Angela opened the door, Michael was stunned to see piles upon piles of clothes, accessories, stuffed animals, and just about everything else strewn about the room.

“Angie, oh my goodness!” Michael exclaimed. “Do you sell clothes here or what?”

Angela defended her messy room, telling Michael she was focused on getting everything situated with his visa instead of tidying up.

Michael didn’t seem too concerned after a few moments, telling Angela that with time, they’d get everything rearranged and put away in its place.

90 Day Fiance viewers are in disbelief over Angela’s messy bedroom

The clip received thousands of likes and comments, and 90 Day Fiance viewers weren’t shy about putting Angela on blast for having such an untidy home.

One of Angela’s critics voiced, “Shame on you!!! At least tighten up the space when you knew he was coming.”

“How did we not know she was also a hoarder?” asked another Instagram user.

@kikiandkibbitz asked, “Is this 90 Day Fiance or Hoarders??”

One 90 Day Fiance viewer joked that Michael never disappeared from Angela’s home in February but “got lost in the hoarding.”

“What in the HOARDING is going on here?” queried yet another shocked commenter.

Others criticized Angela for taking years to straighten up her room before Michael came, and some stated that Angela’s home “looks just like her personality.”

90 day fiance viewers comment on angela deem's home on instagram
90 Day Fiance fans weigh in on Angela’s bedroom. Pic credit: @90dayfiance/Instagram

Angela hopes that her and Michael’s sex life will improve now that he’s in the U.S.

Aside from Angela’s housekeeping habits, Michael revealed during a confessional that he was excited to spend his first night in America with his wife.

Angela told TLC’s producers that she was hopeful that Michael being in the U.S. would be better for their sex life.

But Angela clarified that she had no interest in any bedroom shenanigans on Michael’s first night in America. As she put it, “There is a Do Not Enter sign on my vagina.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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