Critics say Jasmine Pineda ‘ruined her looks’ after her latest ‘unnecessary’ cosmetic procedure

jasmine pineda season 10 of 90 day fiance
Jasmine’s latest cosmetic treatment did not impress her critics. Pic credit: Discovery+

According to her critics, Jasmine Pineda has gone too far with her cosmetic work.

The 90 Day Fiance star doesn’t shy away from sharing the work she’s had done to alter her appearance.

But if you ask Jasmine’s critics, her latest procedure is “unnecessary” and has drastically changed her looks to the point of “ruining” her face.

Jasmine recently visited Dr. Nicole Bell’s med spa in New York City to get some Botox injections and shared some of the footage with her Instagram followers.

Dr. Bell – who also treats some other 90 Day Fiance stars such as the Silva twins and Nikki Exotika – posted a selfie with Jasmine in her Instagram Story.

The duo made kissy-faces for the camera and in the caption, Dr. Bell wrote, “So much fun in the office yesterday…… stay tuned!! Jasmine in house!!!”

Jasmine Pineda gets Botox in New York City

Jasmine was makeup-free for the pic, clad in a comfy sweatsuit and wore her hair slicked back in a ponytail.

As Jasmine sat in her chair, Dr. Bell’s phone recorded the visit, showing the 90 Day Fiance star getting Botox injected into her forehead.

The Instagram Story was shared to fan page @kimmy_robinson_66 on Instagram, where Jasmine’s critics came out in full force in the comments of the post.

90 Day Fiance viewers bash Jasmine’s choice to get more cosmetic work done

“So self centered! Ugh!” commented one of Jasmine’s haters.

jasmine pineda's critics comment on her botox treatment on instagram
Pic credit: @kimmy_robinson_66/Instagram

Another Instagram user wrote that Jasmine “has ruined her looks.”

“She was so pretty before and now her eyes are terrifying and she looks about 50,” they added.

One critic asked why Jasmine “abuses” plastic surgeries and undergoes “so many unnecessary procedures.”

“You don’t look good and people DON’T like it!!” they griped.

“Hope you [make] the lips smaller not bigger,” complained another.

Jasmine has undergone a multitude of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures

Jasmine’s lips are just one part of her body that she’s chosen to alter with the help of cosmetic interventions.

In addition to getting lip fillers to plump her pout, Jasmine has undergone lip blushing, which is a form of semi-permanent tattooing used to darken the lips and give them a fuller appearance.

The Panamanian native has also gotten butt implants and breast implants and has had a blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery to remove bags, liposuction, reconstruction on her earlobes and appendix scar, and had her eyebrows microbladed.

Jasmine’s butt implants may have been the most controversial procedure she’s undergone.

The reality TV star admitted to her husband, Gino Palazzolo, that she partially paid for the procedure with the money he gifted her to use toward a wedding dress.

On top of that, Jasmine admitted that she also accepted some cash from her ex, Dane, to help fund the implants for her derriere, which unsurprisingly didn’t sit well with Gino.

In the meantime, it looks as though Jasmine will be unveiling the results of her latest treatment soon.

Dr. Bell recently posted a photo of Jasmine from her med spa visit on Instagram, and in the caption, teased, “What is @jasminepanama up to these days💋💋💋
Stay tuned to see more…………. I can’t wait to share😜 she’s so sweet!”

Season 10 of 90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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