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Cortney Reardanz calls Big Ed ‘super inappropriate’ for posting lingerie photos of clients on his wall–Says he exploited Rose and her family

Cortney Reardanz is not a fan of Big Ed
Cortney Reardanz shares her views on Big Ed. Pic credit:@xoxo_cortney/Instagram/TLC

Another TLC personality is speaking out against the actions they’ve seen from Big Ed on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

This time it’s former cast member Cortney Reardanz, who’s giving her opinion on the controversial reality star.

The season one alum didn’t hold back on her views about the show and the season 10 cast –let’s just say, she’s not impressed.

During her latest interview on The Domenick Nati Show, Cortney spills the beans on all things 90 Day Fiance.

Reardanz is not a fan of Big Ed

When asked about her opinion of the Season 10 cast, it became evident that Cortney has strong feelings about one of the show’s most popular members, Big Ed.

She gave host Domenick Nati several reasons why she disliked the TLC personality.

First, “He had like photos of all of his clients on his bedroom wall and it’s like lingerie photos.”

“I felt that was super inappropriate and I would be uncomfortable if I was one of the models and I didn’t know my photographer was posting my lingerie pictures in his bedroom.”

Furthermore, she also didn’t approve of the way the 53-year-old spoke to then-girlfriend Rosemarie Vega or his behavior during his trip to her hometown in the Philippines.

Cortney thinks Big Ed exploited Rose and her family

Cortney says of Ed’s visit, “He went to a third world country and then he acted like ‘eww you’re poor’ basically. I felt so bad for her and her family.”

The 29-year old went on to explain that she felt the San Diego native exploited Vega and her family.

“They opened their home to him and I felt he just kind of exploited them, and like you know: ‘eww they sleep on the floor’, or ‘eww they don’t have electricity’, ‘eww this is how they shower’, ‘eww there’s a rat.'” Reardanz shares.

“And he had the nerve to be like ‘oh I don’t think she wants to live here, I think she wants to go to the U.S.’, or ‘I think she wants money’ or this or that.”

Courtney also has the notion that Ed’s actions towards Rose– telling her to shave her legs along with the other rude things he’s done– might be a way to tear away at her self esteem.

She says in the interview, “I’m curious if he’s just trying to make her feel like, you know, rip away her self esteem so then she wants to be with him. ”

Adding, “Because I feel a lot of ugly guys that get attractive girls start like tearing down their self esteem, so then you feel like oh yeah maybe I am ugly, or maybe I smell or maybe I’m not good enough; maybe another man wouldn’t want me.”

Reardanz reiterated, “I’m curious if he actually felt bad about her or if he was trying to tear down her self esteem because he feels insecure with himself.”

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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