Connor Brennan defends his music after Lance Bass accuses him of using the show for a ‘country career’

Connor B. puts his hands on his face, contemplative
Connor Brennan explains why he’s always playing music on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Connor Brennan isn’t just a math teacher or a cat fanatic, he’s also a musician. And he has made that more than clear on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. 

While some find Connor’s ditties endearing, others are starting to feel like it’s overkill, including Bachelor in Paradise host, Lance Bass, who recently made some shady remarks about Connor’s potential ulterior motives. 

Connor has officially responded to the backlash on social media and revealed the true reason he’s always singing on the show. 

Connor Brennan claps back at the critics 

Connor Brennan entered this franchise as a fan favorite and, while he’s still beloved by many, he’s also been facing a lot of backlash and accusations for his constant use of music, especially in episode 3 of BIP where Connor appeared to be playing his songs every chance he got. 

After Lance Bass joined in on the criticism and suggested that Connor was essentially on the show with the disingenuous goal to start a music career, Connor decided to address the criticism directly. 

Connor pointed out the common complaints he hears from viewers when he tweeted, “He’s there for the music’ ‘enough with the ukes’ ‘ugh he’s cringe and annoying.’”

Connor continued with an expletive message for critics to back off and wrote, “Let me play my dumb little songs for people; it’s my way to try and bring a little joy. Kindness is free.” 

Connor B. tweet
Connor B. tells haters to back off and be kind. Pic credit: @sad_oat/Twitter

Lance Bass says Connor is more concerned with songs than love 

In episode 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, the cast learned who their new guest host would be when *NSYNC song, It’s Gonna Be Me, played on a boom box and Lance Bass arrived. 

Connor B. was one of the most enthusiastic as he passionately mouthed the words to the song. However, Lance Bass doesn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about Connor’s sincerity, unlike Wells Adams who was drawn to Connor upon first meeting him. 

On The Viall Files podcast, Lance Bass spoke about Connor, stating, “You can tell he’s a very sweet guy, but I’m not convinced he’s there to find love. I definitely see him on there trying to start his country career like a lot of people do on that show.”

Lance backed up his claim by sharing an example of an experience he had with Connor during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise. 

Lance explained that Katie Thurston’s men had yet to watch Katie’s season of The Bachelorette since they were busy filming BIP. When Lance arrived on the island, he had already watched some episodes from Katie’s season, and he revealed that Connor was most curious to know if the songs he sang for Katie aired on the season. 

The boy band star recalled, “So I had seen the first few episodes [of The Bachelorette Season 17] so I knew exactly what went down…And [Connor] was like, ‘Wait, did my song make it? Did my song make it?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I think your song made it.’ But that was, like, the only thing he was concerned about, was if his song made the cut.” 

Despite Lance’s accusations of a musician agenda, Connor stands by his belief that his simple songs are just to bring joy and smiles rather than to launch his music career like the notorious contestant from Hannah Brown’s season, Jed Wyatt

Now that Connor’s connection with Maurissa Gunn is in jeopardy, Connor might be singing the blues fairly soon if he possibly doesn’t make the cut in the next rose ceremony. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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