Connor Brennan and Will Urena accuse Sarah Hamrick of ‘fake crying’ at the Women Tell All 

Will Urena
Sarah Hamrick continues to be called out by Bachelor Nation stars for presumably being insincere. Pic credit: ABC

Sarah Hamrick attempted to clear her name on the recent Women Tell All, but certain Bachelor Nation stars still weren’t buying her emotional display. 

Previously on The Bachelor, Clayton called Sarah out for fake crying and sent her home, and now even more men from The Bachelor franchise have suggested Sarah’s tears and behavior were insincere at the Women Tell All. 

The Bachelorette Season 17 star Connor Brennan and The Bachelorette Season 18 star Will Urena both expressed skepticism when it came to Sarah’s tears.

Connor Brennan and Will Urena comment on Sarah Hamrick’s tears 

Sarah Hamrick was one of the few women called up to the hot seat during the Women Tell All.

As Sarah watched clips from her journey with Clayton, she appeared to initially become too choked up to speak. While some could interpret Sarah’s moment as raw emotion, Connor Brennan saw Sarah’s behavior differently.

Taking to Twitter, Connor wrote, “Sarah working OVERTIME to squeeze out a tear for jesse palmer.” 

Connor Brennan's tweet
Pic credit: @sad_oat/Twitter

Will Urena also found Sarah to be performative as he questioned, “Did Sarah get coaching!?” 

Along with asking about Sarah’s potential coaching, Will shared another one of his tweets to his Instagram stories seemingly aiming to hold Sarah accountable. 

Will’s tweet made reference to Sarah’s allegedly false claims that Clayton cried while on a date with her. Will wrote, “So is Sarah going to apologize for straight up lying to all the women & America.” 

Will Urena's Instagram story
Pic credit: @illmaticwill/Instagram

Clayton Echard denies crying with Sarah Hamrick

The Bachelor viewers will recall that part of what led to Sarah’s downfall on the show was her allegedly fabricated stories about her dates with Clayton.

The other women in the house revealed to Clayton that Sarah was making them feel insecure about their connections with him because Sarah was boasting so much about her emotional intimacy with The Bachelor lead.

News spread that Sarah had claimed she and Clayton cried together which led many of the women to believe he was far closer to her than anyone else.

Clayton was adamant that Sarah’s claims were untrue and he continued to deny that he cried on a date with Sarah at the Women Tell All. 

Clayton’s denial at the WTA led the other women from the cast to believe Sarah was a liar, but Sarah has continued to maintain that she was not entirely making the story up. 

It seems that despite her journey on The Bachelor coming to an end, Sarah’s sincerity is still in question by Bachelor Nation stars. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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