Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag attend baseball game together 

Hunter Haag
Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag are all smiles at baseball game. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation’s Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag linked up and engaged in playful banter over the weekend.

Connor first appeared on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, and Hunter Haag debuted on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

Both blondes are seemingly single and potentially ready to mingle while sharing photos from their time at a baseball game.

Connor Brennan teases Hunter Haag during baseball outing

Fresh off his successful run during The Bachelor Live on Stage tour, Connor Brennan took some time to enjoy America’s favorite pastime with Hunter Haag. 

Taking to his Instagram stories, Connor shared a photo of him and Hunter at an Atlanta Braves game, and the pair looked great together as they smiled with the packed arena and baseball field behind them. 

In his text, Connor poked fun at Hunter and her love for pizza, “played a surprise show @parkbenchbattery and stopped by the game just in time to watch [Hunter Haag] mainline a pizza-sized slice of pizza!!!” 

Writing dialogue above his head, Connor also wrote, “‘look! baseball!!!’” 

Hunter got a kick out of Connor’s post and re-shared it to her Instagram stories, where she wrote, “lmfaoooo” with a skull emoji. 

Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag
Pic credit: @hunterchaag/Instagram

Connor further backed his claims about witnessing Hunter enjoying a giant pizza slice with a photo. 

Connor shared a picture of Hunter at the game holding a deliciously large pepperoni pizza slice and smiling contently. Hunter also had a coke in her arm as she posed in a black crop top and tiny denim shorts. 

Along with the photo, Connor wrote, “~evidence~.” 

Hunter Haag holds pizza
Pic credit: @connorfalcon/Instagram

Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag connect with more Bachelor Nation stars 

While at the game, Connor and Hunter took time to FaceTime Hunter’s fellow The Bachelor Season 26 costar Jill Chin. 

Jill Chin shared a snapshot of their FaceTime as Connor and Hunter posed next to one another with big smiles. Connor put a thumb up while Hunter and Jill chucked up a peace sign. 

Jill wrote over the photo, “screaming crying.” 

Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag facetime Jill Chin
Pic credit: @jillchin_/Instagram

Meanwhile, Connor also met up with his former The Bachelorette Season 17 and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costar Tre Cooper while in Georgia. 

Connor shared a quality photo of Tre smiling while they sat in a booth at a restaurant. Tre held up a fork and knife in the image, and Connor wrote, “omg,” in the corner. 

Tre Cooper smiles
Pic credit: @connorfalcon/Instagram

While Connor Brennan and Hunter Haag appear to just be friends, for now, Bachelor Nation will certainly be curious to see how their relationship continues to evolve. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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