Commit or Quit exclusive: Judge Lynn Toler pays Ayanna and Brian a visit

London and Andre on Commit or Quit with Judge Toler
Brian and Ayanna are on the brink of a split, and they need Judge Toler’s help. Pic credit: WEtv

Brian and Ayanna are just one of the couples looking to Judge Lynn Toler for help with their relationship on the first season of Commit or Quit.

This couple has been married already for four years, but after a string of tragedies, they can’t seem to stop arguing.

In their submission tape, Ayanna explains that she’s lost several family members in a short amount of time. To make things worse, Judge Lynn Toler explains that she also lost a business.

With so many issues in such a short amount of time, Brian and Ayanna need help badly, and they know it. Ayanna even said bluntly that she wants to fix their constant fighting because Brian is a good man, and he deserves to be happy.

Brian said that Ayanna is taking a lot of anger out on him, even when he doesn’t deserve it.

It also doesn’t help that Brian wants a baby, and Ayanna is stealing and dealing with many other issues that keep this couple from getting on the same page.

With their marriage hanging in the balance, both Brian and Ayanna are ready for Judge Lynn Toler to help them decide if they should Commit or Quit.

Check out this Commit or Quit sneak peek shared exclusively with Monsters and Critics, where Brian and Ayanna open up about their struggles, and be sure to tune in to see how it all works out.

Commit or Quit with Judge Lynn Toler airs on Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv.

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