Colton Underwood says goodbye to his 20s with boyfriend Jordan C. Brown

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood turns a year older. Pic credit: @coltonunderwood/Instagram

Saying goodbye to your 20’s is always bittersweet, but it looked like Colton’s turn from 29 to 30 was more sweet than bitter.

Now that he and Jordan C. Brown are officially dating, and Colton has come out, he looked happier than ever, as he celebrated his birthday a few days early with a gathering of family and friends.

Colton Underwood’s birthday bash

Colton posted about his birthday bash, and it looked like he thoroughly enjoyed himself, as he is sung to by everyone in the crowd. Then his boyfriend, Jordan, brought over a huge cake with candles burning for him to blow out.

Drinks and food were served, with all of Colton’s friends and family seated at tables, complete with outdoor heaters above them.

Colton was all smiles as he posed for pictures with family members, friends, and most importantly, Jordan.

Let’s be honest, Colton has had a rough go these last couple of years in his 20s, so he was probably welcoming the decade of his 30s.

He took to Instagram to post his photos and captioned his entry, “a celebration to close out my 20’s. thank you to my friends and family for an unforgettable night. i love you all. i have a good feeling about my 30’s” ♥️??

What exactly happened between him and Cassie Randolph?

After his reign as The Bachelor in 2019, Colton struggled with life in general. He had chosen Cassie Randolph as his final rose recipient, and Bachelor Nation fans thought that was it for Colton.

Everyone was shocked when they broke up and Cassie made a statement to the public about the break-up. Previously, according to Distractify, Colton and Cassie had agreed not to go public with their breakup and talk on Live TV. When Colton felt like Cassie betrayed him, things started to go downhill.

It was stated that Cassie went as far as to “file a restraining order against Colton. The restraining order claimed that Colton stalked Cassie, sent her threatening texts, and even put a tracking device on her car.”

Soon after, Cassie dropped it because she and Colton had been able to talk it out.

Colton’s newfound joy in life

Fans now know that Colton may have been acting out because he was confused about how to act about his own sexuality. Viewers know that Colton is a religious man and was scared to come out to family and friends.

However, as we look at Colton celebrating now, that timid, hesitant, fearful man is nowhere to be seen. Instead, Bachelor Nation now sees a man who has found his place, fulfillment, serenity, and love in his life.

Happy Birthday, Colton, and may your 30s be everything you wish them to be!

The Bachelor airs Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8/7c on ABC.

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