Colton Underwood reveals hateful comments he’s received since coming out as gay

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood is tired of the hate within his religious community. Pic credit: Netflix

Colton Underwood has been vocal about his journey since coming out, most notably documenting his ups and downs through the Netflix docuseries Coming Out Colton. 

Colton and his series have been met with mixed feelings for various reasons, with some feeling proud of Colton’s bravery while others understandably want Colton to still remain accountable for his harassment of ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph. 

Among those issues, one of the more controversial elements of Colton’s coming out journey is his effort to embrace both his sexuality and his spirituality, as he is still a man of faith. 

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Recently, Colton revealed some of the disparaging and harmful messages he’s received specifically relating to his gay and Christian identity.

Colton Underwood advocates for closeted men and women by exposing messages 

Colton Underwood took to Instagram to expose some of the hateful comments he’s received and to firmly address why he feels these comments are not okay. 

Colton shared a photo of himself with tears welling in his eyes before sharing a series of hurtful messages he’s received. 

Colton captioned his post by writing, “for those of you who saw my show you know I’m still on my faith journey. While I’ve had a ton of support from the Christian community I’ve also heard ‘well it’s got a lot better over the years’ and while that might be true I can’t help but to think if these messages still get sent to me…what is being said to closeted men and women who want to remain in their faith?”

The first message Colton shared, read, “Men are supposed to want women and women are supposed to want men. Please Colton. Don’t get stuck in this lie. Look at our bodies. The reproduction system. Regardless though Jesus does love you. I don’t wanna be ‘that christian’ I have gay friends. It’s hard. I don’t want to come across the wrong way. Maybe I’m wrong. But there is something so special about a man and a woman and all the things Jesus said about marriage. I guess seeing you with the girls on the bachelor just hurts. Because the way they looked at you was like you hung the moon…”

Another blunt comment read, “can’t be a Christian and [love] a man. Sorry not sorry guy.”

Colton’s critics accuse him of lying and sinning 

Colton shared a scathing comment that accused Colton of lying and being something he is not. 

The message read, “The game has went to your head!! You are not gay, quit with the lies…go home and be with your family. Quit trying to be something you are not. God is still on the Throne and He is still watching you! Don’t forsake him.”

The message went on to suggest being gay is not the life God has for Colton and that he should be bold in his faith rather than bold in his sin.

The final message in the post shared scripture and beckoned Colton to stop telling ‘other people that it’s ok to practice homosexuality.’

Regarding these messages, Colton stated clearly at the end of his caption, “These messages are not okay. They do not represent Christians. They do not represent our God.”

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC. 

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