Colton Underwood Instagram: How he’s reacting to Bachelor In Paradise meltdown

Colton Underwood Instagram
Colton Underwood opened up on Instagram about his meltdown on Bachelor In Paradise. Credit: Instagram.

Colton Underwood decided to film Bachelor In Paradise for two reasons. For one, he wanted to see if he was over Becca Kufrin, even though it had been just a few weeks since he was sent home after their hometown date. Second, he wanted to see if he could really find a connection with someone.

It appeared that Colton was over Tia Booth, even though he took her on a date when he entered paradise. Perhaps he was sending her the wrong signals because she wanted to lock him down for herself.

But during Monday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Colton learned the hard way that he was not over Becca. She showed up as a surprise guest in paradise and Colton completely broke down. His co-stars guessed that he was finding it tough and that he needed to sort out his feelings before pursuing any other relationship, with some of the guys even suggesting that he go home.

On Instagram, Colton opened up about his feelings.

The 26-year-old revealed that he learned a valuable lesson after watching the show, posting that “it’s okay not to be okay.”

He added that everyone is an imperfect human and he was merely opening up about his feelings on the show. Fans will see how it all turns out during tonight’s episode.

While Colton wanted to move on from Becca, he probably wasn’t planning on being bombarded by Tia, who wanted a commitment from him. As Underwood reveals, he wasn’t into Tia the same way she was with him. Viewers felt that she was blackmailing him emotionally, telling him he needed to choose her to stay. But that also meant he was choosing her and no one else. Surely, this pressure didn’t help during his breakdown.

What do you think about Colton Underwood’s meltdown in paradise? Do you think he should leave Bachelor In Paradise, so he gets time to heal his heart?

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