Colton Underwood gets drunk on wine at airport after delayed flight

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood gets drunk at the airport. Pic credit: ABC

Colton Underwood has had quite the last couple of years within The Bachelor franchise and just as a human being.

From debuting on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette to becoming the leading man himself on Season 23 of The Bachelor to showing up on Paradise, to publicly coming out as a gay man, to planning a wedding with his fiancé, Jordan C. Brown.

Now Colton spends a great deal of his time as a social media influencer, where he posts pictures and videos of himself, he and Jordan, traveling, and just everyday life.

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Recently, Colton’s flight got delayed, and he had some fun while in the airport waiting to board.

What did Colton Underwood do when his flight was delayed?

After Colton found out his airplane was not going to be on time, he decided to go to an airport bar and eat a light dinner and have some wine.

However, he proceeded to get drunk on said wine while he sat in the bar and created an Instagram video for his followers, wearing a blond wig and sunglasses, “i’m gunna keep it real with y’all. my flight got delayed.”

He then showed a photo of his salad and wine sitting on the table and wrote, “so i got wine drunk and now i‘m shopping for planters at an airport bar.”

Colton then zoomed in on his laptop screen, showing the planters he had been searching up and looking at, and put, “damn, life moves fast.”

As he scrolled through the planters, he got a close-up of a black and white checked frog prince and inquired, “also, who’s buying this?!”

Fans had some things to say after Colton captioned his video with, “i mean… (green plant emoji) dad activated.”

Bachelor Nation responds after watching Colton’s video

A couple of fans wrote how much they enjoy Colton and laughed at his video as they wrote, “All of this is why I love you. But don’t buy that frog…” as well as “I can’t breathe (skull and laughing/crying face emoji).”

Colton Underwood fans laugh about his video.
Pic credit: @coltonunderwood/Instagram

Colton’s fiancé, Jordan, took to the comments and wrote, “Wine drunk is right (laughing face and wine glass emoji).”

Other fans laughed as well at Colton’s antics and also couldn’t believe the frog prince planter cost $310! One person even put, “Ooo noooo not the frog.”

Another woman wrote, “Colton is 1000x more hilarious and relatable on this side of *out*!! Lolll I love this!! Beeeeeen there!!”

Colton's fiance commented on his post as well.
Pic credit: @coltonunderwood/Instagram

So Bachelor Nation fans want to know now… was the flight delayed longer? If so, did Colton drink more wine and actually buy the frog prince planter?!

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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