Colton Underwood definitely wants kids with fiance Jordan C. Brown: ‘I was born to be a dad’

The Bachelor alum Colton Underwood is excited to start a family with his fiance Jordan C. Brown.
Colton Underwood shares his plans to start a family with his fiance Jordan C. Brown. Pic credit: Bravo

Colton Underwood continues to open up about his love life and his desires for the future.

The former Bachelor star has been vocal about his path to accepting his sexuality and deciding to publicly come out. He even landed a Netflix series and shared personal moments of his journey with the world.

He recently announced his engagement to political strategist, Jordan C. Brown, after a short courtship. And while the couple is still planning their wedding, Colton already has plans for children.

The Bachelor alum Colton Underwood believes he was ‘born to be a dad’

Recently, Colton talked with Us Weekly about his life as a newly engaged man. While he did discuss his happiness with Jordan, he was eager to share his thoughts on the couple becoming parents.

Colton revealed that he “definitely” wants to have a family with his fiancé, saying, “I feel like I was born to be a dad.”

He continued stating, “There’s nothing more in this world that I want than to raise kids.”

When asked how soon he plans to have children, Colton replied saying he doesn’t have a precise timeline in place. He says he’s “not sure there would ever be a good time to ‘throw kids into what I’ve been through the last few years’” but he’s adamant that whenever the time comes, he’ll be “really excited” for it.

The reality star confessed that it’s hard to have a timeline for something like this, because “life happens” and it would require the couple to begin a long process to make it happen. He shared that although kids are on his mind, he and Jordan are still “enjoying the moment” as an engaged couple.

A look at Colton and Jordan’s relationship

When asked about their wedding plans, Colton shared that the couple wanted to have a huge ceremony. Their plans may be delayed, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions and large venues already being booked.

Colton admits he knows their engagement may seem a bit “rushed” to outsiders but says he “knew almost instantly” that Jordan was “the one” for him. He says, “I went on a few dates. I only had to be gay 5 minutes to understand that there was nothing better than my connection with him.”

The couple had been dating for a few months before Jordan popped the question while the two vacationed in Big Sur following Colton’s 30th birthday celebration. The couple have revealed they are truly in love, and are in this relationship “for the long haul.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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