Cody Rigsby ripped his pants on Dancing With the Stars and didn’t stop dancing

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke on Dancing With the Stars
Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke on Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Cody Rigsby hasn’t been in the ballroom since the first week and when he returned to Dancing With the Stars, he had an unexpected incident occur and it never slowed him down.

Cody’s partner Cheryl Burke tested positive for COVID-19 the day before Week 2’s dance, so the production quarantined both Cody and Cheryl and used their rehearsal dance for the week.

They moved on but then Cody tested positive on Thursday of that week so the two performed separately and virtually for Week 3.

They moved on again, and that led them to Disney Week.

Cody rips his pants on Disney Heroes Night

Cody Rigsby ripped his pants on Disney Heroes Night and he never told anyone until after the show.

Cody took to his Instagram Live and posted a picture with the caption, “I ripped my pants on national TV.”

“We did the dip and that’s when my pants ripped, and then she came back up and she landed on my knee. I was just like laughing hysterically, and I was like, ‘I just ripped my pants!'” Rigsby told Entertainment Tonight.

The best thing about it is that Rigsby didn’t stop dancing and never even mentioned it — and no one at the judge’s table noticed either.

Cody and Cheryl danced the jive to Stand Out from A Goofy Movie. The judges gave Cody and Cheryl a 27 out of 40 and he moved on to night two — Disney Villains Night.

Cody Rigsby’s journey so dar on DWTS

Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke survive to dance another week thanks to the fans and judges after the back-to-back Disney dances this week.

After scoring the 27 for Disney Heroes Night, Cody and Cheryl came out and danced the Viennese waltz to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. In this dance, the judges gave them a 31 out of 40, which was their highest score of the entire competition.

In Week 1, their only live dances in front of the judges before this week, they scored a 24 for the tango. That was tied for the fourth-lowest score of the night.

In Week 2, when they had to use the rehearsal footage instead of a proper performance, they scored a 24 for the salsa. That was once again tied for the fourth-lowest of the night.

In Week 3, when they performed separately and virtually, the judges gave them an 18, the lowest score of the night.

However, fans kept them in it, knowing that this couple had something special in them and they came out in Disney Week and scored a 27 and 31. However, these were still the third-lowest scores of the night.

Cody and Cherly hope to make it through next week with an improved dance since it will be their first time since Week 1 to have an entire week to practice together.

Next week is Grease Night.

Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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