Clayton Echard’s ‘former fling’ claims she’s pregnant with his twins, names The Bachelor star in paternity suit

Clayton Echard on The Bachelor
Clayton Echard is facing a paternity test to determine if he’s the father. Pic credit: ABC

A woman who claims to have had a one-night stand with Clayton Echard claims she is pregnant with his twins.

The former Bachelor star was named in a paternity lawsuit and could be forced to submit to DNA testing to find out if he is the father.

The mother is a 33-year-old podcast host from Scottsdale, Arizona, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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In the paternity suit filing, which was first obtained by The US Sun, she claims that she and the reality-star-turned-physical-trainer were intimate on May 20 this year.

“Clayton and I met for the first time and hooked up,” the woman claimed in the paternity suit filing. She claims she was looking for a short-term rental investment property and hoped to work with Clayton, who works in real estate.

“I hadn’t been with anyone since March of 2022 after being raped and violently assaulted and was not on birth control,” the filing read. “I spent the night at Clayton’s apartment, then looked at the houses with him the following morning.”

Now, she claims she’s pregnant with twins and believes Clayton may be the father.

The woman is due in February. In addition to paternity testing, she submitted a preferred parenting plan should Clayton prove to be the father.

Did Clayton Echard’s alleged one-night stand turn into a lifetime of fatherhood?

In the paternity suit, the woman says she feels sure that Clayton Echard is the father.

She says her pregnancy was confirmed on June 1 during an urgent care trip after she previously had a positive pregnancy result with an at-home test.

The suit also claims that after she informed Clayton of her pregnancy news, he became upset and started sending her “erratic, illogical and threatening messages.”

Alleged screenshots of the messages received from Clayton were also filed along with the paternity suit and included things like “I don’t believe you for a second” and “I legitimately hate you right now.”

She also claimed in the filing that Clayton asked her for an abortion while still not believing she was pregnant with his children. Then, she claims that he invited her to his home on June 17, where he presented her with an at-home pregnancy test and asked her to urinate on it to prove she was pregnant.

After reportedly proving that she was, indeed, pregnant, she showed another message from Clayton that read, “I wanted you to come over to confirm what I was doubting. And you did confirm that. So, I don’t see you as a liar anymore.”

Clayton Echard accused of dodging prenatal paternity test

In the paternity suit filing, the woman also claims to have “offered more than 50 times in writing” for Clayton to take a prenatal paternity test to prove that he is the father of her unborn twins, but that Clayton’s “unwillingness to participate” is the reason it has not been done.

There was an appointment to do just that on August 23, and the woman said she paid a $725 deposit to have it done but claims that Clayton “refused” to show up and she had to cancel the appointment.

Clayton has reportedly since agreed to take a paternity test, which is scheduled for September 26. However, he has asked that she pay all the costs involved because he believes these claims to be “meritless” and still insists that the two did “not have sexual intercourse.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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